CNC drilling center Morbidelli UNIFLEX UX 100

Cutting lenght 3000 mm
Useful working width 1300 mm
Boring unit 2 kos
Št. vertikalnih vreten 31 kos
Št. horizontalnih vreten 10 kos
Moč motorja rezkalne glave 6,6 kW
RO-AX vreteno<br />do 8000 vrtljajev/minutoRO-AX vreteno

do 8000 vrtljajev/minuto


CNC drilling center Morbidelli UNIFLEX UX 100

Machining centre created to satisfy all the operations of drilling, routing, cutting and hardware insertion, the only one in which the high efficiency of a through-feed boring machine joined to the maximum flexibility of a working centre lead to the maximum performance. It is equipped with upper and lower units to allow simultaneously working on the opposite faces.

Thanks to the highest versatility and to the different displacement systems of the pieces with automatic loading-unloading devices morbidelli ux100 can work integrated in line or as stand-alone machine.


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