Hand tools

Hand tools

Hand tools
  • Clamps


    <p><strong>Clamps are a mandatory tool in every workshop.</strong> We have <strong>many different types of clamps</strong> in our offer which are used for pressing workpieces during gluing. Classic carpentry clamps are used for <strong>gluing workpieces, fixing various templates and similar works</strong> where a simple pressing tool is needed. When gluing panels, we use <strong>clamps for width gluing</strong> – their main advantage is that they <strong>press the workpiece from four sides,</strong> which makes our work much easier. Box clamps are very useful when gluing the edges, as they hold the workpiece perpendicularly and at the same time align the glued edge.</p>
  • Chisels


    <p>In carpentry workshops, we use several types of chisels. Our offer includes <strong>classic carpentry chisels, carving chisels and woodturning chisels.</strong> The classic carpentry chisel has a straight blade and is <strong>a must-have tool for any carpenter or handyman.</strong> Carving chisels are used in <strong>the production of unique handmade products, such as various statues, inscriptions and details.</strong> Woodturning chisels are used for turning wooden products with a classic carpentry lathe. All <strong>chisels can be sharpened by hand or by machine</strong> – they are sharpened by hand with grinding stones or diamond grinding discs, and when sharpening chisels by machine, we use grinding machines that have tools for easy, high-quality grinding of all types of blades.</p>
  • Japanese saws

    Japanese saws

  • Safety


Bar clamps Bar clamps
Limited special offer
€35.15 €37.00
The conventional woodworking bar clamps are an essential accessory in every carpentry workshop. The clamp has a clamping depth of 140 mm.
Mini bar clamps Mini bar clamps
Limited special offer
€13.30 €14.00
The small conventional woodworking bar clamps are an essential accessory in every carpentry workshop. The mini bar clamps have a cutting depth of 60 mm.
A quality hand planer will convince any user who wants to have a metal hand planer at an affordable price. The planer is slightly larger and is suitable for manual leveling of solid wood.
The spokeshave is very easy and fun to use. The width of the blade is 52 mm, which allows us to precision-shape wider surfaces. The spokeshave is especially suitable for shaping the edges of workpieces, making handles...
The jigs are intended for transferring the exact location of the hole from one workpiece to another. They are made of high-quality steel, which allows us to use them for a long time without wear.
Clamping pliers Clamping pliers
Limited special offer
€2.75 €2.90
Clamping pliers for easy and quick fixing of smaller and larger workpieces. The maximum clamping width is 75 mm and the clamping force of the pliers is 12 kg.
A very accurate angle gauge, which will make it easy to measure the angles during installation works and similar. There are 3 available sizes of angle gauges.
Long leather strop for polishing LS3 Long leather strop for polishing LS3
Limited special offer
€4.70 €5.00
A leather strop for polishing carving knives, carpenter's chisels, kitchen knives and other hand blades that we need razor sharp. Supplied without the polishing compound! It is very easy to use.
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