Woodworking tools

Woodworking tools

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The Lestroj Technical Store, which offers carpentry tools, has been supplying carpenters, woodworkers, wood enthusiasts and various craftsmen with quality carpentry tools for more than 25 years. Our carpentry tools include over 15,000 different items in stock.

Circular saws, drills, clamps, stick routers, milling heads, milling sets, power tools, lubricants, spare parts, templates/patterns, operating supplies are all our main product categories that we keep in stock for processing wood, plastic, aluminum, composites, . ..

Our emphasis is on quality and correct advice, excellent blades and accessories, a large stock and affordable prices for a wide range of customers. Our carpentry tools are truly of the highest quality.

We represent well-known and lesser-known brands such as: CMT Utensili, Freud Pozzo, BSP Utensili, Stark, Hapro, Gann, Fuchs, IGM, Kaindl, KBT, Klp, Leitz, Los, Metal World, Omas, Omec, Ostri, Schiki, Schrack Sistemi, TongFong, TuV, Wurth, ...

We supply spare and replacement parts for woodworking machines and carpentry tools of brands: SCM, MiniMax, Morbidelli, Stefani, DMC, CMS, Balestrini, Orma Macchine, Reignmac, Kuangyung, Woodma, Centauro.







  • Router bits

    Router bits

    <p><strong>Various router bits for wood</strong> are used in the wood industry. The most common router bit for wood is the double-faced cutter straight router bit which is used for making grooves and rabbets, and is <strong>used with routers and also with CNC machines. Spiral bits for wood</strong> are also used to make grooves. They are divided into smooth and rough. When choosing spiral bits, you should pay close attention to the direction of the spirals (positive or negative). With routers, we also use <strong>flush trim bits with bearing</strong> – the bearing allows us to trim and cut the workpiece along the edge or along the template. We also offer many special routing bits that are intended for specific operations (alignment, making of special grooves, etc.).</p>
  • Drills


    <p>In our range of wood drills and accessories, more than 2,500 products are permanently in stock. They are available <strong>in alloy steel, carbide and also diamond,</strong> and you can choose between diameters from 1 to 150 mm. Our bestsellers are the HM (vidia) drills, which allow <strong>easy, high-quality drilling.</strong> We also have many special tools and blades at our disposal, such as <strong>drills for making wood chips,</strong> machine tools for <strong>making grooves, countersinks, attachments for automatic machines and crown saws.</strong> For a more affordable purchase, we recommend sets in convenient storage cases.</p>
  • Saw blades

    Saw blades

    <p>Circular saw for wood or circular saw blades are used in various industries, mostly <strong>for sawing solid wood, chipboard, plywood, aluminum, metals, plastic, artificial stone and similar materials.</strong> Circular saw for firewood or all circular saws are made in the same way, but the differences between them are the number of teeth, the angle of the set tooth, the grinding angle, the diameter of the bore and the surface treatment of the body of the saw. <strong>We stock more than 700 saw blades and many circular saws for wood,</strong> which are intended for sawing various materials and types of wood. We offer saw blades from manufacturers CMT, Freud, Omas, Stark, AKE, BSP, Klein, Stehle and Leitz. We also offer a circular saw that has diamond blades, which allows us to have a longer interval between grindings (up to 50 times) compared to carbide blades. It is a circular saw of high quality and good durability. The circular saw for firewood from our offer is of high quality and will perform its job well.</p>
  • Cutter heads and knifes

    Cutter heads and knifes

  • CNC tools

    CNC tools

  • Diamond router bits

    Diamond router bits

  • Jig saw, sabre saw and multi-cutter blades

    Jig saw, sabre saw and multi-cutter blades

  • Replacement blades

    Replacement blades

  • Spraying and accessories

    Spraying and accessories

  • Sanding / Accessories / materials

    Sanding / Accessories / materials

    <p>We use <strong>grinding discs with a diameter of 60 to 350 mm</strong> for machine grinding on benchtop wood shapers. Larger grinding discs have sandpaper with bristles to support the sandpaper – they are used when sanding profiled workpieces, and we use <strong>diamond grinding discs and grinding stones for cutting tools.</strong> Diamond discs are available in various dimensions and sizes, and their main advantage is that they can be used to <strong>sharpen carbide cutting tools.</strong> For sanding details and demanding profiles, we have sanding sponges and sanding blocks with sandpaper. <strong>For a longer service life of sandpaper, we offer a sandpaper cleaner</strong> the use of which extends the service life of sandpaper by up to 400%.</p>
  • Other tools

    Other tools

  • Jigs and accessories

    Jigs and accessories

  • Hygrometers


  • Cleaners and Lubricants

    Cleaners and Lubricants

  • Electric power tools

    Electric power tools

  • Pneumatic guns

    Pneumatic guns

  • Woodturning chisels

    Woodturning chisels

    <p><strong>Woodturning chisels</strong> are very popular items in our range. We have several different woodturning chisel sets that are suitable for <strong>hobbyists</strong> as well as <strong>professional woodturners.</strong> Knives are made of <strong>high-speed steel (HSS)</strong> or <strong>carbide (HM).</strong><br />For all beginners, we recommend <strong>LEMAN wood turning chisels</strong> which are made of quality materials and are slightly cheaper. For professional woodturners, we recommend <strong>CROWN chisels</strong> from Great Britain which are famous for their superior steel, thus enabling longer turning of workpieces between grinding intervals. For users who turn artificial materials in combination with wood (epoxy resins), we recommend carbide chisels. Their main advantage is a longer service life of the cutting edge, less removal during turning, easy replacement of the shape of the blade, ...<br />All <strong>chisels for wood turning</strong> are made of high-quality materials, and they can also be viewed in our store in Trzin.</p>
  • Hand tools

    Hand tools

  • Spare parts

    Spare parts

Bar clamps Bar clamps
Limited special offer
€35.15 €37.00
The conventional woodworking bar clamps are an essential accessory in every carpentry workshop. The clamp has a clamping depth of 140 mm.
The PU hoses with steel wire for extracting the wood dust and sawdust with a diameter ranging from 40 to 305 mm. The prices in the table below are for a running meter of each hose diameter.
CMT Vlagomer DMM-001 CMT Vlagomer DMM-001
Limited time offer
€50.07 €52.70
The CMT DMM moisture meter is an ideal accessory for measuring moisture in woodworking and civil engineering, since it has a wide moisture measuring range (from 5 to 50 % in wood, and from 1.5 to 33 % in construction...
TRITON TRA001  2400W router TRITON TRA001  2400W router
Limited time offer
€479.75 €505.00
The TRITON TRA001 is a powerful and agile hand-held router with a plunge stroke on a toothed rack. Power 2400 W. Due to collets with a diameter of 12 mm and 12.7 mm, it is suitable for the most demanding work. The...
Mini bar clamps Mini bar clamps
Limited special offer
€13.30 €14.00
The small conventional woodworking bar clamps are an essential accessory in every carpentry workshop. The mini bar clamps have a cutting depth of 60 mm.
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Which woodworking tools are the most basic?

Anyone who likes to repair or arrange something at home occasionally needs a power tool such as boring machines, saws, perhaps pneumatic tools, hand-held planers and related accessories such as drills, screws, saw blades… Let's not forget hand tools, for example hammers, chisels, screwdrivers… This is a tool that every craftsman must have, but if you do woodworking regularly, you will of course need something more, for example routers, not to mention larger machines such as planers.

Where is the wide selection of woodworking tools available?

We invite you to browse our online store or visit us in the actual store, where we have prepared a wide range of various woodworking tools. Even if you already have it, know that it can wear out, so your tool collection needs to be renewed regularly. We will be happy to help you choose.

What are the prices of woodworking tools?

It all depends on the type of tool – a manual tool will of course cost you less than an electric one. However, it is true that hand tools are suitable for almost everyone, while only those who are seriously engaged in wood processing and the production of various wooden products may really opt for a powerful planer.