Clamps are a mandatory tool in every workshop. We have many different types of clamps in our offer which are used for pressing workpieces during gluing. Classic carpentry clamps are used for gluing workpieces, fixing various templates and similar works where a simple pressing tool is needed. When gluing panels, we use clamps for width gluing – their main advantage is that they press the workpiece from four sides, which makes our work much easier. Box clamps are very useful when gluing the edges, as they hold the workpiece perpendicularly and at the same time align the glued edge.

Box clamp IGM
Limited special offer
€53.49 €56.30
The universal box clamps, for easy pressing of different workpieces. The clamps can be used for easy edge gluing of solid wood, for gluing furniture bodies and much more.
Box clamp
Limited special offer
€18.90 €19.90
The box clamps with the jaw depth of 80 mm and the pressing length of 300 or 600 mm. The main advantage of the clamps is that they have parallel jaws during the pressing as well. The maximum pressing pressure is 180 kg.
Parallel jaw clamp LEMAN
Limited special offer
€33.61 €35.38
Quality jaw clamp will make it easier for you to assemble and glue the edges of drawers, chests and similar smaller bodies. The clamp can also be used for width gluing of solid wood. The clamp is suitable for...
What are woodworking clamps used for?

Clamps are a very handy tool not only in the carpentry workshop, but also in your garage or everywhere where there is a need to compress and fasten various elements. The woodworking clamp is used to squeeze two or more elements together, which is necessary for gluing and fixing of elements.

What woodworking clamps are available?

We know different types of clamps. The basis is the classic clamp that compresses the workpiece from two sides, but we also know the width-gluing clamps that compress the elements from four sides, while the body clamps are also useful to easily assemble and glue different perimeters, and the advantage of these clamps is that they hold the workpiece at a right angle. Let's not forget the quick-clamping clamps which enable even simpler and faster fixing.

Where is the extensive range of woodworking clamps available?

Take a look at the offer on our website, which is almost unmatched. You will find clamps of various types for really versatile use. A suitable clamp will make your work easier – not only in the carpentry workshop, but also in other industries, not to mention the use in the home and its surroundings.