Second hand machines

Second hand machines

In addition to new carpentry machines, we offer various types of used machines, such as CNC machines, panel saws, routers, surface planers and thickness planers, belt sanders, drilling machines, combined machines, extracting devices, presses and dedicated woodworking machines.

Used carpentry machines are mostly obtained through the trade-in system or through individual buyouts and buyouts of entire carpentry workshops.

We offer service and a 6-month warranty for every used machine.

If you do not find the machine you are looking for in our offer, please contact us.

Filter bags for extraction devices of various manufacturers. The filter bags are made of quality materials, as a result of which you will have cleaner air in your workshop.
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Is it worth buying a used machine?

Of course it is. The purchase of a used machine is carried out by both those who use the machine as a hobby and professionals. A used machine can also be of excellent quality and reliable, especially used machines that are not too worn out. Of course, a used universal combined machine is also much cheaper than a new one, but it still does its job superbly.

What should I look for when buying a used machine?

Mainly how much ‘mileage’ the machine has. If it has been used in moderation, it will be able to function flawlessly for a long time to come. It is also important that it has been regularly maintained and that it is not too old. So, if you are interested in, for example, a used universal combined machine for wood, ask especially about its history and you will soon get an impression about the condition of the machine.

How can you help me with and after buying a used machine?

We have a lot of used woodworking machines in stock. We will be happy to advise you on the purchase, and for all machines that you will buy from us, we also provide service and any technical assistance. If you need transport and installation of the machine, we are here for you, and at the same time we will teach you how to use the machine. You can count on us.