Spindle moulders - Wood shaper

Spindle moulders - Wood shaper

Spindle moulders - Wood shaper

In our company, we offer you SCM spindle moulders made and equipped with the latest technology. The spindle moulders of the NOVA, CLASS and Linvincibile series are of high quality, robust construction and enable the safe use of blades with all safety systems. On the other hand, the Minimax series of spindle moulders are more affordable and take up less space in the workshop.

The spindle moulders in our offer have a cast iron worktable, a protective cap, the possibility of tilting the spindle, an efficient extraction system and precise guides for moving and setting the wood shaping unit.

The Linvincibile series belongs to the highest range of spindle moulders. Their specialty is the automatic adjustment of all seven axes and the main motor connected directly to the shaft without belt transmissions, which enables less maintenance and better energy efficiency.

The offer certainly includes a spindle moulder suitable for every small workshop as well as a larger carpentry plant. All spindle moulders are made in Italy, where the headquarters of the SCM Group company is also located.

What should I pay attention to when buying a spindle moulder?

When buying, you need to pay attention to several things, above all, of course, that you will get the most for your money. Consider how often you will use this machine, choose the appropriate engine power, spindle length, dimensions of the workbench and the machine itself, any additional features… Consider the quality and not necessarily just the price. We can be of great help to you in choosing.

What spindle moulders are available?

With us, you get a SCM spindle moulder in several versions that are suitable for both professional and amateur use. In addition to the machines themselves, we have a wide range of additional components, so you will definitely get the machine according to your needs.

How heavy are spindle moulders?

Such a machine is usually quite heavy, say half a ton and more. Therefore, when buying, think about the transport itself and how you will set it up. Be aware that such machines also take up a lot of space, so anticipate this as well.