Wood-turning lathes

Wood-turning lathes

Wood-turning lathes

Lathes allow us to achieve different cylindrical shapes by rotating the workpiece and using a sharp dedicated tool.

With the lathe, we can make table legs, stands, bowls, wooden glasses and other decorative products.
There are smaller benchtop lathes, classic stand-alone lathes and more demanding semi-automatic or even CNC lathes.

We represent brands such as JET Tools for hobby use,
Minimax for precise/more serious woodturning tasks and
Centauro automatic CNC lathes for larger production plants.

In our technical store, you will find a large selection of tools, blades, heads and attachments for woodturning lathes.

LEMAN benchtop lathe with infinitely variable speed adjustment. The lathe is made of cast iron and weighs 52 kg, which allows woodturning with minimal vibrations. The main advantage of the lathe is stepless speed...
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What are woodturning lathes used for?

A machine such as a lathe is most often used to process wood, more specifically to make legs for various furniture, such as tables, chairs, stands, decorative products and the like, wherein the fact that all these products are cylindrical in shape stands out.

What types of lathes do we know?

Our offer includes various lathes, such as freestanding and workbench lathes, and you also get an extension of the table for the lathe. The freestanding device is usually more massive, robust, quite heavy and compact, but of course it also takes up a bit more space, while the workbench or table lathe is smaller and lighter and therefore perhaps slightly more suitable for amateur use. Of course, there are also semi-automatic and automatic CNC lathes.

Which lathe model do you recommend for average use?

The SCM Minimax T124 woodworking lathe works well in the workshop. It is a lathe with a lot of equipment, it is easy to operate, it has protection and a suction attachment, and it also enables the connection of a copier and many other connections.