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Rezervni deli
Various replacement bearings for router bits of various diameters. To select the correct bearing, accurately measure the current bearing.
Plastic handles with screws are used on various machines and jigs for fixing guides and the like. A wide variety of handle sizes are available, with various screw sizes from m5 x 16mm to m12 x 83 mm.
Plastic handles with metric threads. Handles are used on various machines and jigs to tighten movable guides and the like.
Filter bags for extraction devices of various manufacturers. The filter bags are made of quality materials, as a result of which you will have cleaner air in your workshop.
Quality 3VX V-belts are used on a variety of machines. The width of the belts is 9.5 mm, and their length is different.
Bushings of various dimensions for router bits, machine drills,... The bushings are made of high-quality materials and with great precision.
FESTOOL plug it-cable 4 m FESTOOL plug it-cable 4 m
Limited special offer
€29.88 €33.20
Festool cable with a length of 4 m. The guide is intended for all Festool machines with a plug-it plug. Schuko cable is made of quality rubber, which allows it to easily twist, even at low temperatures.
Pair of bore reducers CMT Pair of bore reducers CMT
Limited time offer
€22.23 €23.40
The bore reducers, which are used with different cutter heads. There are several dimensions available 35/30 mm, 40/30 mm, 40/35 mm, 50/30 mm, 50/35 mm, 50/40 mm and 30/26 mm.
Chain cutter set Chain cutter set
Limited special offer
€145.80 €162.00
Chain cutter set. CHAIN, SWORD and DRIVE GEAR. The set contains all the necessary parts for making grooves 40 mm wide and 6 mm thick.
Chain cutter chain Chain cutter chain
Limited special offer
€45.00 €90.00
Universal chains of various thicknesses for chain milling machines. The chains have 36 links and are 6, 7, 9, and 11 mm thick.
Heavy roller stand that will make your work in the workshop easier. The roller stand weighs 11.2 kg as its base is made of cast metal. The roller stand will be especially useful for planing or milling longer workpieces.
The folding roller stand is a very useful accessory in every workshop. The cylinder can be adjusted in height and a cover with balls can be used.
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