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Electric power tools
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    Power Tools Accesories

  • Nadrezkarji


    <p>When making grooves, rabbets, rounds and similar parts, <strong>a hand-held router is a must.</strong> You can make a lot of operations easier with this machine. We have available different sizes of routers which are intended for milling with <strong>router bits</strong> of different sizes. We offer <strong>a huge variety of blades</strong> for CMT routing machines. The cutting tools of the CMT company are of the highest quality, which you will quickly find out when you use them. Furthermore, we have three different CMT routers available for different routing operations. As the smallest router or trimmer, CMT 10 is intended for rounding edges, making smaller grooves, and <strong>the largest router, CMT 7E is intended for the most demanding routing operations.</strong></p>
  • Lamelni rezkarji

    Lamelni rezkarji

  • Kotne žage

    Kotne žage

    <p>Circular saws are <strong>a unique tool for sawing solid wood, wood composite materials, aluminum profiles and similar material.</strong> They are very easy to use, which is why a lot of hobby craftsmen use these saws. Our range includes <strong>miter saws</strong> for professional users for whom it is important that the saw is precise, quiet, light and easy to use. In our offer you can find miter saws by <strong>Makita, Festool, Femi, Bosch</strong> and others. All saws also require high-quality saw blades for high-quality cutting, which you can view in our store in Trzin or in our online store.</p>
  • FESTOOL orodje

    FESTOOL orodje

  • Sanders


    <p>When sanding solid wood and composite materials, we use different sanders. When we want to remove as much material as possible, we use <strong>belt sanders</strong> for wood, and when we want <strong>the surface to be sanded evenly and without sanding marks,</strong> we use <strong>eccentric sanders.</strong> For high-quality, fast sanding, it is very important to use <strong>high-quality sandpaper of the right grain size and a high-quality sander for wood.</strong> When choosing a sander for wood, it is important to know the material to be sanded and the desired final sanded surface. Our bestsellers are eccentric sanders, as they <strong>allow us to remove material relatively quickly and provide a high-quality sanded surface.</strong></p>
TRITON TRA001  2400W router
Limited special offer
€479.75 €505.00
The TRITON TRA001 is a powerful and agile hand-held router with a plunge stroke on a toothed rack. Power 2400 W. Due to collets with a diameter of 12 mm and 12.7 mm, it is suitable for the most demanding work. The...
CMT 8E router
Limited special offer
€326.80 €344.00
The CMT 8E is a powerful and agile hand-held router with a plunge stroke of 59 mm. The power of the router is 1000 W. With collets diameter 8 mm and 12 mm, it is suitable for routing with larger plunge routers. The...
CMT 10 router
Limited special offer
€117.45 €130.50
The CMT 10 router is the cheapest router with the possibility of attaching router bits with a shank diameter of 6 and 8 mm. The router is particularly suitable for sanding abs strips and manual sanding of...
Femi 305 Pro miter saw
Limited special offer
€682.50 €910.00
The top-quality Femi miter saw with a 1300 W motor and a maximum saw blade diameter of 305 mm enables precise sawing of workpieces with a section of 168 x 78 mm and sawing on benches with the thickness of up to 53 mm....
Limited time offer
€109.80 €122.00
Arbortech ball gouge for easy power carving with angle grinder. The ball gouge has a carbide replaceable blade with a diameter of 30 mm which can also be turned when the desired part of the blade becomes blunt.