Woodworking machinery

Woodworking machinery


Woodworking machines and other equipment


We represent and market machines from world-renowned manufacturers.

SCM Group, SCM, Stefani, DMC, Gabbiani, Mini Max, Balestrini, CMS, Koch, Orma Macchine, Stromab, Centauro, Osama Techologies,  Reignmac, Maggi Engineering, AC Word, Venetta Impianti, Hoeckerpolytehnik, Houfek, CKM, Kuangyung.


Based on more than 30 years of experience, Lestroj offers you all types of woodworking machines, equipped with the latest technology which will simplify the production process. We offer woodworking machines at good prices.

Our range of woodworking machines covers everything from the most demanding CNC machines for larger production plants to the hobby program with simple, smaller models of individual or combined woodworking machines.

We represent, sell and take care of the machines of world-famous companies in the field of wood processing, such as
SCM, Mini Max, Stefani, DMC, Morbidelli, Celasci, Sergiani, Lasm Volpato, Hoecker Polytechnik, ORMA, Koch, Reignmac, Maggi, Rehnen, Cenaturo, Osama Technologies, and many others that manufacture high-quality and technologically sophisticated woodworking machines.

We will advise you individually so that with our machines you will simplify your work, increase productivity and make even better use of the material.

A team of experienced service technicians will take care of installation and flawless operation.



  • Horizontal panel saws

    Horizontal panel saws

  • Briquetting machines

    Briquetting machines

    <p><strong>Briquetting machines are becoming more and more popular, as they can be used to compress sawdust into fuel briquettes and give added value to wood scraps.</strong> Briquetting machines differ from each other primarily in their capacity, which ranges from 30 to 150 kg of briquettes per hour. The briquetting machine can be a separate machine, or it can be integrated under the vacuum extraction device, for more autonomous operation. Modern briquetting machines allow counting the number of briquettes, setting the length of the briquettes, and also a revolver gun for filling bags with briquettes. We represent brands of briquetting machines <strong>AcWord</strong>, <strong>Hoecker</strong> <strong>Polytechnik</strong>, <strong>Prodeco</strong> and others.</p>
  • CNC machines

    CNC machines

    <p><strong>Today, CNC machines are among the main machines in every production. Trends change, CNC machines remain.</strong></p><p>For you, we represent and service <strong>Morbidelli CNC machines,</strong> classic <strong>3-4-5-axis M100 or M200,</strong> industrial <strong>M400/M600 and M800 CNC machines,</strong> as well as industrial machines of <strong>the Accord</strong> series,<strong> intended for processing massive wood (fixtures, massive semi-finished products), Nesting Morbidelli N100/N200</strong> machines and the new <strong>Nesting X200/x400 series of hybrid machines</strong> with unique technological solutions for maximum flexible use – these are intended for very demanding manufacturers of unique furniture and equipment.</p><p>The trends in furniture production are definitely toward the so-called <strong>Nesting production,</strong> which is the first step towards <strong>automating the process with a combination of cutting and drilling, and modern software that allows easy preparation with barcodes and labels.</strong><br />This greatly relieves the workforce.</p><p><strong>The software used by CNC machines is very important.</strong><br />We provide training for <strong>Xilog Maestro software and modules for three-dimensional processing and Nesting.</strong></p><p><em><strong>For our customers, we have developed our own program for easy production of Lestroj BOX furniture.</strong></em></p>
  • Arm Saws

    Arm Saws

  • Thickness planers

    Thickness planers

    <p><strong>A combined surface-thicknessing planer</strong> is indispensable in a carpentry workshop. We offer thickness planers of the <strong>SCM Group brand of various working widths and designs.</strong></p><p>All thickness planers have the option of three different types of planer heads: <strong>regular, Tersa and spiral (Xylent).</strong></p><p><strong>Minimax thickness planers are available for widths from 410 to 520 mm, SCM from 520 to 630 mm and the most powerful version L'invincibile with a 630 mm width.</strong></p><p>The thickness planer is a basic planer for a carpenter. It is usually used <strong>in combination with a surface planer,</strong> which allows us to align the lower surface of the workpiece before processing it with thickness planer.<br />This enables <strong>planing to the desired thickness or height of material or wood.</strong> The machine can be equipped with a regular <strong>planer head</strong> or <strong>the increasingly desirable Xylent spiral planer head</strong> which <strong>significantly reduces the noise and volume of waste material and improves the final quality of the workpieces as well as optimizing the processing of knots.</strong></p>
  • Double end tenoner

    Double end tenoner

  • Grinders


  • Panel saws

    Panel saws

    <h1>CIRCULAR SAWS SCM, MINIMAX, LINVINCIBILE AND FIMAL</h1> <h3>In stock different types of format saws for different purposes. Check the current stock of machinery.</h3> <h4>We represent the SCM, MiniMax and FIMAL brands.</h4> <p></p> <p>From the simplest hobby of the S1 Genius format saw to the ultimate Linvincibile SIX format saw.</p> <p></p> <p>Ask for the best deal!</p>
  • Saws - Spindle moulders

    Saws - Spindle moulders

  • Universal combined machines

    Universal combined machines

  • Wide Belt Sanders

    Wide Belt Sanders

    <p><strong>Wide belt sanders or contact sanders</strong> are among the basic carpentry machines.</p><p>The sanding machines are available <strong>from 300 mm to 1350 mm in width,</strong> and are intended for <strong>calibrating and sanding flat and uneven surfaces with sanding discs and brushes.</strong><br />With special equipment it is possible to sand to <strong>a high gloss.</strong><br />With the additional planer head, <strong>larger removal of material is also possible.</strong><br />Sanders can be equipped with <strong>various pads, blowers, pressure shoes, frequency converters, cleaning and structural brushes.</strong></p><p><strong>Among the most popular wide belt sanders are DMC SD30, SD60, Eurosystem and Lestroj B3.</strong></p>
  • Brushing machines

    Brushing machines

  • Laser engravers

    Laser engravers

    <p>We offer quality <b>laser machines </b>with a wide range of equipment. Upon purchase, we give you professional advice and also arrange transport, assembly and training for using the machine. In stock with spare parts, heals, different powers of RECI laser tubes and other manufacturers.</p>
  • Spray walls and Spray booths

    Spray walls and Spray booths

    <p><strong>Varnishing booths</strong>, varnishing <strong>stands</strong>, drying stands for varnished elements, booths and <strong>work tables for manual sanding</strong>.</p>
  • Finger joint line

    Finger joint line

  • Special purpose machines

    Special purpose machines

  • Glue spreader

    Glue spreader

  • Dust collectors

    Dust collectors

  • Window frame machinery

    Window frame machinery

  • Other machines

    Other machines

  • Heating systems - Hot air generator, boilers, burners

    Heating systems - Hot air generator, boilers, burners

  • Feeders


  • Surface Planers

    Surface Planers

  • Combined surface-thicknessing planer

    Combined surface-thicknessing planer

    <p><strong>The combined surface-thicknessing planer</strong> is extremely popular among hobby carpenters as well as in larger carpentry shops.</p><p><strong>The planer/thichnesser</strong> takes up less space and enables two processing functions in one machine. <strong>Surfacing table</strong> on top and <strong>thickness planer</strong> below. <strong>The combined machine with two operations</strong> is available from a width of 260 mm up to 520 mm. The length of <strong>the surface planer</strong> ranges from 1200 mm for the smallest and up to 2350 mm for the largest machine.</p><p>You can choose between <strong>three different types of planer heads: regular, Tersa and spiral (Xylent).</strong><br />We mainly represent <strong>SCM and Minimax machines.</strong></p>
  • Spindle moulders - Wood shaper

    Spindle moulders - Wood shaper

    <p>In our company, we offer you <strong>SCM spindle moulders made and equipped with the latest technology.</strong> The spindle moulders of <strong>the NOVA, CLASS and Linvincibile</strong> series are of high quality, robust construction and enable the safe use of blades with all safety systems. On the other hand, the <strong>Minimax</strong> series of spindle moulders are more affordable and take up less space in the workshop.</p><p><strong>The spindle moulders</strong> in our offer have a cast iron worktable, a protective cap, the possibility of tilting the spindle, an efficient extraction system and precise guides for moving and setting the wood shaping unit.</p><p>The <strong>Linvincibile</strong> series belongs to the highest range of spindle moulders. Their specialty is <strong>the automatic adjustment of all seven axes and the main motor connected directly to the shaft without belt transmissions, which enables less maintenance and better energy efficiency.</strong></p><p>The offer certainly includes a spindle moulder suitable for <strong>every small workshop as well as a larger carpentry plant.</strong> All spindle moulders are made <strong>in Italy, where the headquarters of the SCM Group company is also located.</strong></p>
  • Edge sanding machine

    Edge sanding machine

    <p>We have a wide range of edge sanders for you. The most affordable sanding machine for wood is the <strong>Woodma MM2315, Houfek</strong> brand sanders are intended as entry-level program, while <strong>Lasm Volpato</strong> and <strong>Rehnen</strong> brand sanders are fully professional. <strong>All have oscillating abrasive belt.</strong></p><p>One-sided ones <strong>with a flat sanding surface and tilting worktable are more affordable.</strong><br /><strong>The double-sided sanders with a sanding pad and additional equipment for sanding rounds</strong> are slightly more expensive.</p><p>For profile sanding, <strong>special wood sanding machines with different aggregates (brushes + sanding belt with pad) of the LS series</strong> are available. <strong>For sanding profiles and structuring (the effect of old wood), brush machines are available for both edge and surface sanding.</strong></p>
  • Edge banders

    Edge banders

  • Combined surface-thicknessing planer

    Combined surface-thicknessing planer

    <p><strong>Double-sided planing machines</strong> are designed for <strong>double-sided planing of wooden elements and wood materials.</strong></p><p>Planing machines consist of two parts: <strong>a surface planer which processes the element from below, and the upper head which processes the element from above, while maintaining the required thickness.</strong> These planers are used in all wood processing companies and in smaller carpentry workshops. Each double-sided planer used is designed according to its purpose and goals.</p><p><strong>The machine is excellent in the function of planing elements for subsequent width gluing of elements, such as a solid panel.</strong><br />Machine widths can range <strong>from 400 mm to 1020 mm.</strong></p>
  • Presses


    <p><strong>Presses</strong> are among the basic machines <strong>in the processing of wood and the production of furniture or wooden products.</strong></p><p><strong>We offer:</strong></p><p>- <strong>Orma Macchine and Sergiani (SCM Group)</strong> hot presses,</p><p>- <strong>case clamp presses,</strong></p><p>- <strong>Orma and Strojles</strong> case clamp presses for width gluing and gluing of solid panels,</p><p>- <strong>Sergiani, Orma and Global Nabuurs</strong> vacuum presses for covering irregular shapes,</p><p>- <strong>Orma</strong> high-frequency presses for <strong>industry</strong> and</p><p>- <strong>presses for door frames.</strong></p><p>For smaller carpentry workshops, we recommend <strong>Feichtner Maschinenbau RPZ series combined presses for width-wise joining of massifs and joining of cases or wardrobes.</strong></p>
  • Wood-turning lathes

    Wood-turning lathes

    <p><strong>Lathes</strong> allow us <strong>to achieve different cylindrical shapes by rotating the workpiece and using a sharp dedicated tool.</strong></p><p>With the lathe, we can make<strong> table legs, stands, bowls, wooden glasses and other decorative products.<br /></strong>There are smaller <strong>benchtop lathes, classic stand-alone lathes</strong> and more demanding <strong>semi-automatic or even CNC lathes.</strong></p><p>We represent brands such as <strong>JET Tools</strong> for hobby use,<br /><strong>Minimax</strong> for precise/more serious woodturning tasks and<br /><strong>Centauro automatic CNC lathes</strong> for larger production plants.</p><p>In our technical store, you will find a large selection of <strong>tools, blades, heads and attachments for woodturning lathes.</strong></p>
  • 4-sided planers

    4-sided planers

  • Bandsaws


    <p><strong>Belt sanders</strong> are among the primary sanding machines in the carpentry shop.</p><p><strong>The length of the workbench is from 2200 mm to 3000 mm</strong> and it is usually movable back and forth, and there is an adjustable sanding pad with a lever.<br />The belt can be tensioned with a spring, and the replacement itself is easy. <strong>Possibility of motorized lifting and lowering of the workbench.</strong></p><p><strong>The classic belt sander</strong> is a frequently seen piece of equipment in carpentry workshops. <strong>Sanding takes place via a long sanding belt and a moving horizontal workbench along the "X" and "Y" axes,</strong> where the workpiece is placed. The material is removed via a pressure pad which is mounted on a linear guide for easier left and right movement. <strong>Belt sanders are most often found in working dimensions of 2200 / 2500 and 3000 mm, but shorter working dimensions of 1000 mm are also available.</strong></p><p>The equipment of the machine can be adapted to the user's wishes, as it is possible to choose between <strong>motorized lifting/lowering of the workbench and its lighting, L-R rotation of the belt, frequency converter on the main motor and usable working height.</strong></p><p>We represent the brands <strong>SCM Group</strong> and <strong>HOUFEK</strong> when supplying belt sanders.</p>
  • Band saws

    Band saws

    <p><strong>Band saws are extremely popular woodworking machines</strong>, as they take up <strong>little space</strong> in the case of a small workshop. <strong>They enable both resawing of large workpieces and precise sawing of round elements and rounds. In addition, we adjust the width/type of the saw blade to the purpose of processing.</strong></p><p><strong>Our range of band saws includes, among others, <em>Woodma</em> saws,</strong> which are low-cost and suitable especially for hobby users who still want a heavier/larger machine.<br /><strong><em>Minimax S45n</em> series,</strong> which has been extremely popular in recent years. Its features are <strong>exceptional accuracy, quality, powerful motor, and affordability.</strong><br /><strong>For carpentry workshops and larger production facilities, the manufacturer <em>Centauro</em></strong> is synonymous with the quality and robustness of band saws.</p><p>The choice between sawblade sizes ranges from 400 mm to 1000 mm, and for sawmills, the offer also includes band splitters with or without a workpiece feeding unit.</p>
  • Transporters and lift tables

    Transporters and lift tables

    <p><strong>Lifting tables and conveyors</strong> are intended for easier manipulation of materials and reducing physical work of the machine user.<br />They are a solution for <strong>adjusting the workplace and relieving the worker.</strong></p><p><strong>They prevent back injuries, neck pain and overexertion, which means less absenteeism for the employer.</strong></p><p><strong>We offer:</strong></p><p>- roller lines,</p><p>- lift tables,</p><p>- stands for drying lacquered elements,</p><p>- rotating stands for varnishing,</p><p>- return lines for edge adhesives, contact sanders and machines for panel manipulation.</p><p>We represent manufacturers such as <strong>SCM, Mahros, Rehnen,...</strong></p>
  • Vacuum pumps

    Vacuum pumps

    <p><strong>Vacuum pump – dry/liquid vane pump.</strong></p><p>Quality vacuum pump for the wood industry with a <strong>2-year warranty!</strong><br />Affordable and above all with significantly lower maintenance costs.</p><p><strong>Original factory slats in set of 5 pieces for 349 euros + VAT!</strong></p><p><strong>Vacuum pumps</strong> are mainly used for <strong>CNC machines,</strong> namely for attaching workpieces to vacuum pods directly on the worktable.<br /><strong>Dry/liquid vane pumps</strong> are used in the wood industry, where there is a lot of dust, as they are not sensitive to demanding working conditions compared to oil vacuum pumps. Blowers usually have higher air flow and less vacuum compared to vacuum pumps. They are intended <strong>for use on more porous materials such as MDF,</strong> and due to their <strong>lower price</strong> and <strong>accessibility,</strong> they are also used on <strong>classic CNC or Nesting machines.</strong></p><p><strong>The KV160 and KV250 series offer high quality dry/liquid vane vacuum pumps designed for classic and Nesting CNC machines.</strong></p><p><strong>They are characterized by reliable operation, low maintenance costs and a very affordable price.</strong></p><p><strong>We recommend! The warranty lasts 18 months.</strong></p>
  • Chain mortisers

    Chain mortisers

  • Multiple Rip Saw

    Multiple Rip Saw

  • Boring machines

    Boring machines

    <p>We offer you drilling machines of several different designs.</p><p><strong>Horizontal drilling machines with one spindle and a movable unit</strong> for key boreholes and other grooves.<br /><strong>Drills with several drilling spindles (from 21 to 27) with the option of drilling horizontally and vertically.</strong><br /><strong>CNC drilling machines with the possibility of drilling, gluing and inserting dowels.</strong></p><p>We represent brands of drilling machines producers such as <strong>SCM, Morbidelli, Minimax, Houfek, Koch,...</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>The segment of drilling machines is considerable and therefore we divide them into several designs.</strong></p><p><strong><em>Horizontal drilling machines</em></strong> with one spindle and a movable unit for key holes and other grooves.</p><p><strong><em>Doweling machines or drilling machines for doweling</em></strong> with several drilling spindles (from 21 to 27) and with the option of drilling horizontally and vertically.<br />They can be used to drill into the workpiece from the side to prepare holes for dowels, or by using several drills at once to drill holes for shelves from the bottom.</p><p><strong><em>The segment of CNC drilling machines</em></strong> is much more extensive, as such drills have the option of drilling, gluing and inserting dowels.</p><p>We represent brands of drilling machines such as <strong><em>SCM, Morbidelli, Minimax, Houfek, Koch,...</em></strong></p>
  • Cleaning


HITECO TWIN aggregate- double HITECO TWIN aggregate- double
Limited special offer
€2,793.80 €3,492.25
Hiteco TWIN is a double-sided angle aggregate with rotation along the "Z" axis, which means the clamping of two different tools in one aggregate. You can choose between three different heights: 100 / 145 / 180 mm
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What woodworking machines are available?

We offer a wide variety of machines that you can use for woodworking. You can be sure that we can provide you with everything you need for quality processing, which means that we can offer you everything from various saws, CNC machines, thickness planers, sanders, laser machines, feeders, presses, lathes, planers, suction machines and more and more.

Can I see woodworking machines live?

Of course. In our store in Trzin you can see everything you are interested in. Our offer is really wide, and we are here to advise you and help you choose. We will discuss which woodworking machines would be best for you, and then we will present the best and most affordable options – both for amateur woodworking and professional use.

What about the maintenance and servicing of woodworking machines?

Naturally, it is necessary to work with each machine in such a way as to enable its function as long as possible, which means that you must also provide it with regular services. We have a team of experienced service technicians who will install the machine properly and ensure its most optimal operation.