Cookie statement

Cookie statement

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a computer or other portable device or PDA (for example, on smartphones or tablets) when you visit certain websites.

Cookies are indispensable in the efficient use of our website and enable you to shop online in our store. They are also used to customize the range of products and services that are advertised to our customers on this site and elsewhere. The data collected by cookies may not be used for personal identification without additional information, except in exceptional cases if they are used in conjunction with other information related to the operation of cookies, as described below.

What is the task of cookies?

Cookies are used for many things, such as efficient page navigation, as they store your choices and generally improve your website traffic.

If our website would not use cookies, you would be considered a new visitor each time you move to a new website; after entering the login and moving data, the next page would not recognize you, so you would have to log in again.

Among other, cookies can also:

store the contents of the shopping cart as you scroll through the process at the checkout;
save account login information so you can see information about your orders and manage your account;
record which parts of our site you visited and how long you stayed there, as well as which products you viewed and which ones you bought. This information helps us improve our site to make it easier to use and optimize the services we offer to our customers. At the same time, this also makes it easier for us to choose the recommended products and offer on the website.

Are cookies safe?

Yes, cookies are completely safe. Cookies do not harm your computer and do not in themselves contain identifiable information (identification is possible exceptionally if the information is combined with other information, as described below regarding the functions of cookies). Cookies also do not contain personal information, such as email address or payment details.

What types of cookies do we use on our website?

The cookies you really need.

You really do need certain cookies so that you can easily navigate our website and use certain required functions, i.e., that the page remembers the contents of the shopping cart or recognizes you when you log in to the website.


Performance cookies collect information about how you use our website, such as which pages you have visited and whether you have encountered problems. These cookies do not collect visibly identifiable information, although they may take the IP address of the device with which you have connected to the website. However, some of the information collected may be used in conjunction with other information you provide when registering if it appears that you may have encountered problems with the website or order. We need all the information we gather to understand how visitors use our site and what interests them, and to measure the effectiveness of our websites and improve the presentation of the content. These cookies increase the efficiency of the website and provide a better user experience

Check out the functions of our cookies

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to store settings you have selected on our website, such as your preferred language and advertising method. In this way, we can more easily offer you the desired services and enable a more pleasant visit.

Target and ad cookies

Target and ad cookies are used to identify ads that may be of interest to you based on which parts of our site you have viewed.

Third party cookies

Some cookies on our website have been set by other organizations that provide various services for us. For example, we have entrusted analytical services to specialized external providers who can set cookies on our behalf and use them to collect data for reporting. From time to time, we may include videos or other content from sites such as YouTube on our sites, and these sites may set their own cookies.