Wide Belt Sanders

Wide Belt Sanders

Wide Belt Sanders

Wide belt sanders or contact sanders are among the basic carpentry machines.

The sanding machines are available from 300 mm to 1350 mm in width, and are intended for calibrating and sanding flat and uneven surfaces with sanding discs and brushes.
With special equipment it is possible to sand to a high gloss.
With the additional planer head, larger removal of material is also possible.
Sanders can be equipped with various pads, blowers, pressure shoes, frequency converters, cleaning and structural brushes.

Among the most popular wide belt sanders are DMC SD30, SD60, Eurosystem and Lestroj B3.

Which sanding machines are best suited for woodworking?

The wide belt sander counts among the basic carpentry equipment and is essential in all carpentry workshops, and some amateurs also use it. Modern wide belt sanders not only provide quality sanding of flat surfaces, but are also excellent for sanding profile elements, sanding 3D shapes, polishing, brushing… This is a machine that enables wide use, so it is suitable for many wood processing plants.

Where can I find a wide range of wide belt sanders?

In our offer (on the website or in the physical store) you can see many sanding machines, each of which is of great help for any carpentry workshop. We are sure that you will find the best sanding machine for your needs in our offer.

How do sanding machines differ from each other?

By many properties, for example by what they allow (sanding only flat surfaces or relief also), by dimensions and weight, by the power itself, the method of use, the complexity of handling and much more. If you are interested in more detailed information, browse the product descriptions or contact us for more information.