Diamond router bits

Diamond router bits
The diamond router bits CMT 140 The diamond router bits CMT 140
Limited special offer
€83.31 €87.70
The CMT diamond router bit is intended to be used on CNC machines for trimming, making grooves and similar. The cutter has positive and negative toothing which allows us to grind coated materials without jamming.
LESTROJ diamond router bits LESTROJ diamond router bits
Limited special offer
€55.67 €58.60
The high-quality diamond router bits LESTROJ are made in a European company, which is renowned by superior craftsmanship and sharpening of diamond router bits.
Diamond router bit 143 for hard materials Diamond router bit 143 for hard materials
Limited special offer
€339.15 €357.00
The diamond router bit CMT 143 is intended for cutting hard materials, such as the compact panels and other composite panels, such as HDF, MDF, chipboard panel and similar. We may sharpen the router bit up to 12 times.
HPL routing bits HPL routing bits
Limited special offer
€68.40 €72.00
Dedicated routing bits for compact / max panels processing. There are 2 routing bits available. Vidia and DIA routing bits.
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