CNC machines

CNC machines

CNC machines

Today, CNC machines are among the main machines in every production. Trends change, CNC machines remain.

For you, we represent and service Morbidelli CNC machines, classic 3-4-5-axis M100 or M200, industrial M400/M600 and M800 CNC machines, as well as industrial machines of the Accord series, intended for processing massive wood (fixtures, massive semi-finished products), Nesting Morbidelli N100/N200 machines and the new Nesting X200/x400 series of hybrid machines with unique technological solutions for maximum flexible use – these are intended for very demanding manufacturers of unique furniture and equipment.

The trends in furniture production are definitely toward the so-called Nesting production, which is the first step towards automating the process with a combination of cutting and drilling, and modern software that allows easy preparation with barcodes and labels.
This greatly relieves the workforce.

The software used by CNC machines is very important.
We provide training for Xilog Maestro software and modules for three-dimensional processing and Nesting.

For our customers, we have developed our own program for easy production of Lestroj BOX furniture.

What exactly are CNC machines?

Such machines count among the most important in a wide variety of industries, and their most important feature is that they are computer-controlled. This means that the operation of the machine is controlled by a computer, but this computer is still controlled by a human. The advantage of such a machine is also the fact that it is very flexible, as the machine can be quickly set to a different type of processing – just by changing the program or with a minor rearrangement. The CNC machine consists of a mechanical and a control part. The latter distinguishes it from an ordinary machine.

What types of CNC machines are available?

We have various CNC machines intended for solid wood processing, furniture production… In addition to machines, we also have CNC software that enables control, and we focus a lot of energy on providing customers not only with different machines, but also with comprehensive support.

What about servicing and training?

We can teach you how to handle a CNC machine, and we also service the machines. Our knowledge is at a high level – we even developed our own furniture manufacturing program. We are constantly gaining new knowledge and constantly learning to be able to offer you the best equipment and knowledge.