Transporters and lift tables

Transporters and lift tables

Transporters and lift tables

Lifting tables and conveyors are intended for easier manipulation of materials and reducing physical work of the machine user.
They are a solution for adjusting the workplace and relieving the worker.

They prevent back injuries, neck pain and overexertion, which means less absenteeism for the employer.

We offer:

- roller lines,

- lift tables,

- stands for drying lacquered elements,

- rotating stands for varnishing,

- return lines for edge adhesives, contact sanders and machines for panel manipulation.

We represent manufacturers such as SCM, Mahros, Rehnen,...

The automatic device is intended for automatic feeding/removing of workpieces from various automatic machines. You can load workpieces with a thickness of 8 to 80 mm, a weight of up to 100 kg, etc.
Heavy roller stand that will make your work in the workshop easier. The roller stand weighs 11.2 kg as its base is made of cast metal. The roller stand will be especially useful for planing or milling longer workpieces.
The folding roller stand is a very useful accessory in every workshop. The cylinder can be adjusted in height and a cover with balls can be used.
Powerful roller stand with balls. The use of the cylinder with balls is very diverse, as it can be used in operations where the workpiece moves only in one direction or in several directions.
Adjustable roller stand for easier work in the workshop and in the field. The use of a roller stand makes it much easier for us to work on sawing, planing, milling, grinding operations, etc.
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What is a lift table used for?

Such a table can greatly facilitate the lifting of various loads, as it allows easier handling of the material, thus helping the user to perform heavy physical work. This, as we know, has a profound effect on both the human body and well-being.

In what versions are lift tables available?

We know quite a few variants of lift tables, for example roller transporter tables, pneumatic workbenches, conventional lift workbenches, painting racks, hydraulic lift tables, lif rollers, mobile workbenches… Our offer is quite extensive, and we can be of considerable help when choosing.

How is the lift table managed?

You can purchase one that you operate manually, for example by turning the lever, or you can choose hydraulic or electric versions. If you are going to use it quite often, we definitely recommend choosing a slightly more automated lift table.