Pneumatic guns

Pneumatic guns
The Fasco F23 is the right choice for fastening the mouldings and assembling the frames, where the nail heads should not be visible.
Hand-held pneumatic sander Hand-held pneumatic sander
Limited time offer
€475.00 €500.00
The pneumatic sander for manual sanding of curved elements. It is very easy to use the sander, since you can activate the circular movement of the sanding drum simply by pushing the handle.
Pneumatic hose with couplings 17x10 mm Pneumatic hose with couplings 17x10 mm
Limited time offer
€19.00 €20.00
Straight hose for compressed air. The hose is 10 m long and has a cross section of 17 x 10 mm, which means that it is suitable for tools that have a higher consumption of compressed air.
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