Router bits

Router bits

Router bits

Various router bits for wood are used in the wood industry. The most common router bit for wood is the double-faced cutter straight router bit which is used for making grooves and rabbets, and is used with routers and also with CNC machines. Spiral bits for wood are also used to make grooves. They are divided into smooth and rough. When choosing spiral bits, you should pay close attention to the direction of the spirals (positive or negative). With routers, we also use flush trim bits with bearing – the bearing allows us to trim and cut the workpiece along the edge or along the template. We also offer many special routing bits that are intended for specific operations (alignment, making of special grooves, etc.).

HPL routing bits HPL routing bits
Limited time offer
€68.40 €72.00
Dedicated routing bits for compact / max panels processing. There are 2 routing bits available. Vidia and DIA routing bits.
Flush trim router bits – top bearing Flush trim router bits – top bearing
Limited time offer
€43.32 €45.60
The CMT double-faced cutter straight HW router bit with bearing for flush trim cutting along the template and trimming all types of wood and wood composite materials. It is used on hand-held router machines.
Ovolo bits Ovolo bits
Limited time offer
€28.40 €29.90
The double-faced cutter HW router bit for rounding edges is suitable for use on hand-held router machines and CNC machines.
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What types of router bits can I find in your offer?

Various router bits for cutting wood are used in the wood industry. That is why we have stocked our offer with the most common router bits. Straight double-edged, spiral, flush trim bits with bearing and other special router bits are available.

How do router bits for woodworking differ from each other?

The router bit for woodworking is basically intended for making grooves, grooves, profiles, edge processing, stencil routing and more. It is a widely used machine in the wood industry, as the routing bit often contributes to the final shape of the product. The cutters differ from each other in their shape and dimensions, so their offer is really wide.

How is a router bit for woodworking maintained?

Especially by handling it carefully and using it only for routing wood. This will keep the sharpness of the routing bit as long as possible, but of course you can improve it by sharpening it. It is best to ensure professional blade grinding.