CNC Machine SCM Morbidelli PLANET P800

CNC Machine SCM Morbidelli PLANET P800

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CNC Machine SCM Morbidelli PLANET P800

Morbidelli presents Planet P800, the latest machine in the Planet range that simplifies the
production of shaped panels up to 6360 x 1905 in size.

Planet P800
has been developed to meet the growing need, of large industrial productions
and small to mid-sized companies, to increase performance and improve their
competitiveness in the production of custom products.

The new edge banding unit applies edges on panels up to 80 mm thick. The new exclusive “SBRINDLE” device detects the position of the initial part of the edge “on-the-fly” and guarantees perfect 0-360° joins, always, even in batch “1.


Maestro Edge, the latest 3D software, performs all types of machining operations on a single platform and allows less expert operators to create, change and manage edge banding programs with maximum execution speed. Simple and safe from the initial idea to the finished product, with many new and remarkable functions to work all aspects
of the panel.

Product Details

Data sheet

5020 - 6360
1680 - 1830
Glulam layers thickness (mm)
0.5 - 3.0
Motor power (kW)
od 11 - 17
Processing height (mm)
15 84
No. of drilling heads
26 - 50
Tool clip (pcs)
18 - 34