Rail and stile router bit set 991.501/502/503

The set includes two rail and stile router bits for making the furniture door frames with a 12 mm shank.

Diameter (D-mm)
Shank dia. (S-mm)
Tot. leng. (L-mm)
Workpiece thickness (T1-mm)
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The set for making furniture cabinet doors comprises two rail and stile router bits that enable the making of doors with thickness ranging from 18 to 22 mm. The router bits are suitable for cutting solid wood.

The double-faced cutter HM router bits are protected with special coating for better removal of the cut material and less adhesion to the blade.

They are intended to be used in hand-held router machines, which are fixed to a table, as well as in table router machines that allow the 12 mm shank.

The set is delivered in a strong plastic case.

The set includes:
–    two router bits with bearing,
–    the instructions.

Technical data:
–    maximum router bit diameter: 44.4 mm;
–    maximum router bit height: 22 mm;
–    shank: 12 mm.

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Model Profile Diameter (D-mm) Tot. leng. (L-mm) Workpiece thickness (T1-mm) Shank dia. (S-mm) Unit price Buy
991.501.11 A 44,4 71 18-22 12
991.502.11 B 44,4 71 18-22 12
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991.503.11 C 44,4 71 18-22 12
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