935.503.11 CMT grand rabbet set

935.503.11 CMT grand rabbet set

The double-faced cutter straight HW router bit for making rabbets with bearing and guide rings. You can make rabbets with the height of up to 22.2 mm and the depth ranging from 1.6 to 19 mm.

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The set includes 16 rings, with which you can make rabbets with depths ranging from 1.6 to 19 mm. The router bit is suitable for cutting in various types of materials, such as soft or hard solid wood, wood composites, laminates and plastics. The double-faced straight cutter HW router bit for rabbeting with special coating for better removal of the cut material and less adhesion to the blade is intended for the use with hand-held routers and enables the copy rabbeting with bearing along the template, or the making of rabbet along the guide (the stop).

The set of router bit with bushes is delivered in a strong plastic case.

The set includes:
⎻    router bit with bearing (835.990.11),
⎻    16 bushes (791.705.00, 791.706.00, 791.707.00, 799.517.00),
⎻    bush changing tool.

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935.503.11 CMT grand rabbet set

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