Universal boring template CMT 900

Universal boring template CMT 900

The CMT900 universal boring template is designed for easy making of boreholes for shelves and hinges. The template is used in combination with the CMT 400-1 adapter and the series 306 and 307 drill bits (not included).

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The CMT900 template provides high precision and ease of use. It is used together with the CMT400-1 boring adapter and a drill bit with an 8 mm shank of types 306 or 307 (not included). The template is designed so that you can precisely and efficiently drill boreholes for shelves with a distance of 32 mm between one another as well as drill lateral boreholes for hinges on the base elements, while marking the middle one. It is suitable for work in a workshop or in the field.

The set includes:
⎻    a template made of laminated Pertinax,
⎻    a set of end stops,
⎻    a set of end stops for long workpieces,
⎻    a centring pin for hinge holes.

Technical data:
⎻    template length: 900 mm;
⎻    maximum length of drilling on the workpiece: unlimited;
⎻    distance between boreholes: 32 mm;
⎻    number of holes: 26;
⎻    workpiece thickness: unlimited;
⎻    for shelf supports: 3 and 5 mm.

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Length (mm)
Distance between bores
No. of holes

Universal boring template CMT900

Example of using a template with the help of clamps and the CMT400 boring adapter for drilling holes perpendicular to the surface.

Universal boring template CMT 900

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