Boring adapter CMT 400-1

Boring adapter CMT 400-1

The adapter is used in CMT656 and CMT900 jigs together with drill bits of types 306 and 307 which are not included. It enables an adjustable boring depth (up to 30 mm), and it is suitable for all types of drilling machines.

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The CMT400-1 adapter is used for drilling shelves and making holes for dowels together with the CMT900 or CMT656 jigs. The adapter body is made of hard duralumin material.

It has lateral holes for better ejection of bored material and a precise seating for proper boring. It enables the use of different drill bits ranging from 3 to 12 mm with an 8 mm stem.

For easier adjustment of boring depth, its stem has a scale in 5 mm increments.
Technical data:
⎻    clamp diameter: 9 mm;
⎻    drilling adjustment: 5–30 mm;
⎻    adapter length: 165 mm.

Duralumin is a metal which is an alloy of aluminium, copper, magnesium and manganese. It is lightweight, strong and resistant against corrosion.

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Boring adapter CMT 400-1

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