Kitchen worktop jig CMT 650

Kitchen worktop jig CMT 650

The kitchen worktop jig is used for cutting kitchen worktop joints with a width ranging from 420 to 650 mm at the angles of 45° and 90°. In addition, it enables the making of grooves for connecting screws.

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For proper operation of CMT650 jig, you require a router (with recommended power of at least 1,600 W), a 30 mm guide bush and a 12 mm router bit, which are not included. The jig is made of strong, durable material, which cannot be scratched or cracked.

The set includes:
⎻    - a template made of durable material,
⎻    - three zinc-coated steel bushes,
⎻    - adjustable end stop,
⎻    - instructions for use.

Technical data:
⎻    for joining kitchen worktops with a width ranging from 420 to 650 mm,
⎻    jig dimensions: 880 × 300 × 10 mm.

Product Details

Data sheet

Plate dimensions (mm)
880 x 300

Sketch of the workpiece - joining at an angle of 45...

Kitchen worktop jig CMT650

The set consists of a jig and spacers.

Kitchen worktop jig CMT650

Connecting part.

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