Dovetail jig CMT 300

Dovetail jig CMT 300

The dovetail jig enables the making of corner joints, such as dovetail, and box joints for drawers, solid wood furniture, beehives and gift boxes. The jig enables the processing of workpieces with a width of 305 mm and thickness ranging from 11 to 25 mm.

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The system enables the use of any router, whereby the guide bush must be suitable for each individual router – CMT, Iskra, Makita, Black/Decker and others.

The basic set includes a plate for making half blind joints and a guide bush. Optionally, you may also buy a jig for through dovetail joints and box joints.

For making joints, you must also buy a router with the blade diameter of 12.7 mm and the blade angle of 14°.
Router bit D = 12.7 mm, A = 14°, clamp diameter = 6 mm (718.127.11).
Router bit D = 12.7 mm, A = 14°, clamp diameter = 6.35 mm (818.128.11).
Router bit D = 12.7 mm, A = 14°, clamp diameter = 8 mm (918.127.11).
Router bit D = 12.7 mm, A = 14°, clamp diameter = 12.7 mm (818.628.11).

The set includes:
⎻    body with two clamping bars for horizontal and vertical attachment of workpieces,
⎻    guide bush 15.8 mm (899.005.00),
⎻    template for making half blind joints T300.005.05.

Technical data:
⎻    working width: 305 mm,
⎻    working height: 12–25 mm.

Optional accessories (option to buy):
⎻    template for box joints,
⎻    template for through dovetail joints.

Product Details

Data sheet

Edge making width (mm)
Edge thickness (mm)

Visible dovetail

Three steps of making a half-blind joint

Half-blind joint

Straight joint

CMT Additional plate 300-129

To make a visible dovetail joint.


To make a flat joint.


To make a mini half-blind joint.

Half-blind joints made with the attached template CMT300

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