Boring adapter CMT 400-1 Boring adapter CMT 400-1
Limited time offer
€51.39 €54.10
The adapter is used in CMT656 and CMT900 jigs together with drill bits of types 306 and 307 which are not included. It enables an adjustable boring depth (up to 30 mm), and it is suitable for all types of drilling...
Pocket-Pro joinery system CMT PPJ-002 Pocket-Pro joinery system CMT PPJ-002
Limited time offer
€94.15 €99.10
An accessory for easy, fast and accurate cabinet, furniture and frame construction. The new system allows you to make rock-solid pocket hole joints in workpieces with thickness ranging from 12.7 to 40 mm.
Blade CMT DET-002 Blade CMT DET-002
Limited time offer
€53.01 €55.80
An easy, useful accessory for trimming edge banding at a perpendicular angle up to the thickness of 0.5 mm and width of 54 mm.
Blade CMT DET-001 Blade CMT DET-001
Limited time offer
€23.18 €24.40
CMT DET-001 is an easy accessory for trimming edge banding up to the thickness of 0.5 mm and the banding width ranging from 13 to 25 mm.
Toggle clamps Toggle clamps
Limited special offer
€17.10 €19.00
The toggle clamps for flush processing of workpieces along the templates and welding.
A very accurate angle gauge, which will make it easy to measure the angles during installation works and similar. There are 3 available sizes of angle gauges.
Mitutoyo caliper with adjustable jaw for measuring distances with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The caliper was produced in the Japanese company MITUTOYO which is famous for making the best measuring tools.
Mitutoyo digital caliper with measurement accuracy up to 0.01 mm. Using the caliper is very easy and is especially suitable for fast measurement as it quickly and accurately shows the dimension on the screen.
Kreg guide for hand-held circular saws Kreg guide for hand-held circular saws
Limited time offer
€115.90 €122.00
Universal aluminum guide for hand-held circular saws, enabling sawing right along the guide. The main advantage of the guide is that it can be used with all electric hand-held circular saws. The maximum sawing length...
Spring calipers set Spring calipers set
Limited time offer
€18.81 €19.80
A set of metal carpentry calipers for various types of use. Hardened ground points. Quick split nut adjustment.
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