Edge Bander OLIMPIC K560

Edge Bander OLIMPIC K560

Versatile and with high performance. Olimpic K560 is now improved with many solutions that guarantee always the best machining on any panel type.

FEED SPEED up to 18 m/min and a 600 mm distance between panels also during rounding operation.

VERY HIGH PANEL QUALITY because of the simultaneous edge trimming operation thanks to the 2 MOTORS ROUNDING UNIT

RAPID WORK CHANGEOVER BETWEEN 2 DIFFERENT RADII, thanks to the Multiedge devices with NC controlles axes for endless thin edges and solid wood edges

TOUCH 7 and STARTOUCH controls with Touch-Screen colour display for error free machining and optimum visualisation of information.

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Edge Bender OLIMPIC K560


Olimpic K560 compact and productive edge bander. It is designed to operate many hours on daily bases. It has a feed speed of 18 m/min. It is the ideal solution for all companies that require high productivity when machining a large number of panels at the same time.


- ''Round X'' rounding unit

- ''R-K'' trimming unit with 3 differenct machining methodes

- ''Touch 7'' screen

Product Details

Data sheet

Workpiece thickness
8 - 60
Min./max. glulam layers thickness
0,4 - 6
Working pressure (bar)

RT-V pre-milling unit - adjustable in height

Olimpic K560 enables automatic removal of material according to the thickness of the edge strip. This avoids unnecessary errors in cutting material.

Alignment of the edges before application of the glue for better bonding. Problems with cutting the chipboard with help of the pre-milling unit are no longer a problem!

R-HP Multiedge 2R trimming unit

Multifunctional blade with two different radii and processing of thin strips and massive edge strips up to 8 mm.

4-axes NC position
controlling of the trimming unit.

The possibility of direct longitudinal rounding of non-edged workpieces (i.e. MDF to be painted subsequently).

Differentiated machining between upper and lower side (i.e. trimming with upper radius and lower straight trimming).

Large diameter roating copying discs for maximum positioning accuracy.

Innovative Solution IGLUE

IGLUE prevents the possible outflow of excess glue on the corners.

Rotating copying discs

Processing of delicate materials such as matte and high gloss as well as high static material require an ideal guiding of the workpiece through the machine. Olimpic K560 has bearings on all aggregates which enables the high quality processing also with modern sensitive materials.

New control consolle EYE-M with 21.5-inch display

"Just in time" programs.

Connectivity with Industry 4.0.

Multi-touch 21.5-inch display.

3-dimensional virtual overview.

Maestro Pro Edge software, compatible with other Maestro modules.

Designed for industrial conditions (dust protection, grade protection IP53).

Dimensions Olimpic K560 T-ERL

The total length of the machine is only 4280 mm!

The distance between the entry and the exit of the workpiece is only 3110 mm!

The usage of PU glue is simplier than ever

The usage of the PU glue is very simple. Adjusting the amount of the glue can be automatically controlled over a computer. Cleaning is done automatically with a cleaning granulate.

Automatic dosing of the glue in the SGP glue pot

The 4 kg glue container automatically doses the minimum dosage of the glue in the SGP glue pot. This way the optimum quality of the glue is achieved and consequently excellent bonds are made.

RAS-HP 2R edge scraping unit

4-axes NC scraping unit moving with 2 different radii (example 1 and 2 mm). All settings are made over the computer.

Cleaning the SGP glue pot just by pressing a button!

NESTING wheels

With using PU glue to the maximum corner quality

Round X rounding unit - with two motors - NEW

Multifunctional rounding unit - longitudinal processing and rounding the corners.

2 exchangeable motors on prismatic guideways.

2-axes NC setting of the aggregate position.

Possibility of different processing settings: flat, rounding.

With the combination of the trimming unit and the multifunctional rounding unit the double processing of the tape for optimal finishing is possible.

Adjustable pressure rollers

The pneumatic pressure of 3 edge pressure rollers can be easily and quickly regulated to achieve optimum pressure for various materials.

3 units of Riepe liquid application

Anti-adhesive unit in the machine entrance.

Spray-mist device for edge finishing is positioned before the glue scraper and/or brushes.

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