Edge Bander MiniMax ME35

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Edge Bander MiniMax Me 35

The Minimax ME35 edge bander is manufactured by the SCM Group for the customer who requires a compact, reliable machine to apply with all the benefits of a hot melt machine. The ME35 is very simple for any level of operator to adjust with easy to read mechanical digital display for all settings to ensure the machine produces a quality & precise finish every time.

The machine ME35 has fitted standard with both top and bottom scrapers and buffers, this small edgebander ME35 is designed to give you a great finish on all variety of edgetapes, from .4mm through to 5 mm. Its very easy to use control panel ensure anyone in the workshop can use the edge bander Minimax ME35. The upgraded feed speed and circular end-cutting gives you great productivity, along with perfect edges.

MiniMax ME35 Edgebander


- Thickness of rolled edges: 0.4 -3 mm

- Maximum thickness of edge strips max 5 mm

- Min./ max. panel thickness: 8 to 50 mm

- Feed speed: 7 m/min


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Product Details

Data sheet

Glulam layers thickness (mm)
Min./max. workpiece thickness
8 - 50
Total length (mm)
Processing height (mm)

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VIDEO ME35 minimax

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