Edge Bander SCM Olimpic K360

Edge Bander SCM Olimpic K360

Versatility and high machining quality with the SCM olimpic K360, the machine with the aim to be the new reference point in the market for entry level edge banders and complete with a rounding unit.

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Edge Bander SCM Olimpic K360


Edge bander Olimpic K360 is a compact and easy-to-use due to its advanced technological solutions designed to ensure optimal panel finishing. It is simply the perfect edge bander for companies who require continuous and high quality edge banding of panels even though they may be different from one to another.

What are the main advantages of compact automatic edge bander OLIMPIC K 360?

Front and rear angle rounding - straight, rounded off and post-formed panels,

error free machining and user friendly with the electronic control - as a standard feature,

2 different types of glue are easy to use,

automatic machine set up for 3 different types of edges: thin, thick and solid wood.

The machine can be set up automatically to machine panels with 2 different radii, solid wood and thin edges.  This is possible because of the use of "multiedge" machining heads with electronic axes.

Product Details

Data sheet

Feed speed
Glulam layers thickness (mm)
0,4 - 3 (6)
Workpiece thickness
8 - 60
Working pressure (bar)

R-K trimming unit: 3 different machining

Rapid machining changeover between thin, thick and solid wood edges due to the 3 working positions and the “combi” tool supplied as a standard feature. Automatic positioning of the unit for 3 different machining (option).

Parameters setting on a computer

PLC control (instead of end switches) allows precise adjustment of all work aggregates.

Graphic simulation. Complete machine automation control via PLC. Temperature setting. Diagnostics of the machine in case of possible errors. Partial and total statistics: number of pieces processed, meters of tape, machine startings, feed track. The unit is mobile.

Rotating copying discs

Processing of delicate materials such as matte and high gloss as well as high static material require an ideal guiding of the workpiece through the machine. Olimpic K360 is the only machine in this price range with bearings on all aggregates which enables the high quality processing also with modern sensitive materials.

RT-V1 pre-milling unit: a perfect edge joint line

A perfect surface for the gluing of the edge by utilising large diameter diamond tools (100 mm) and 2 motor with opposite rotation. Pre-milling up to 3 mm thickness. Adjustment of the tool cutting position.

Processing thin strips and ABS thickness of 1 mm

Optimal optical effect by EASYROUND.

Quick access and good overview of the machine operations

Cutting unit with EASYROUND

For perfect process of partly rounded corners.

The correct setting is the key for optimal processing

The final setting of the machine before delivering to the customer is very important. Every edge bander requires optimal settings that are adapted to the customer depending on the type of material he uses and the way of his work. This is crucial for the machine's maximum utilization and high quality of finished products.

Cleaning PUR glue from customized glue pot in just 15 min

The usage of PUR is expanding mainly due to a thinner bond. The water resistance of the joints is sometimes very wanted, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and warehouses. PUR also provides a 30% thinner bond than EVA glue. This is especially desirable for high gloss and all white decors.

An example of using a PUR glue

PUR glue melts at 140 degrees. PUR white is extremely helpful beacuse it keeps color even after years and a thinner bond. The expiration date at standard conditions is 24h, which means we have to spend it within this period of time or clean the glue excess. The expiration date of the glue can be extended by so-called a nitrogen chamber or just putting the entire glue pot in a freezer. This increases the usability of the glue for up to 72 hours. When using PUR glue stick to the advice: the more we use it, the more simple it is to use.

Machine working statistics

"RAS-V" edge scraping unit

It eliminates the presence of notches left from the tools during the trimming from the plastic edges. Rotating copying discs for an accurate positioning of tools with reference to the working point. Manual exclusion of the unit. Knobs and numerical readouts for the positioning.


It allows to optimisation of the machine's energy consumption in order to eliminate any wastage. The device includes the following functions:

- machine in stand-by in case of temporary non-usage

- optimised exhaust system for the operating units

Infrared ceramic lamp

To heat the panels before the glue application. It improves the gluing quality in case of low environmental temperatures.

NESTING copying device R-K RAS-V

The best panel finishing with holes for hinges on the upper side due to the copying devices with 3 rotating contact points (optional device for trimming unit and edge scraping unit) (option).

Dimensions Olimpic K360 TR1

Approximately 2.5 m of space on each side of the machine is needed to be put into the workshop.

RC-V glue scraping unit

It eliminates any excess of glue in the joint between panel and edge. It is also possible the removal of small edge exceeding (0,1 mm for 1 mm edges). The unit includes:

- two pairs of vertical rotating copiers,

- self-adjusting throwaway knives,

- air blowers for the knives cleaning,

- exhaust hood.

Rounding unit ROUND 1

Automatically process the front and rear ABS edge thickness of 2 mm and 1 mm. Automatic positioning via a computer and switching on/off. Includes a R2 mm diamond cutter and also front and vertical copying device for an accurate positioning with reference to the working point.

Wheels dust protection

Prevents sticking the excess material onto the transport wheels. Better repeatability of processing even when the machine is more frequently used.

Application of AAR anti-adhesive unit

Anti-adhesive unit is located in front of the DIA tools. It ensures that any excess glue does not stick onto the surface. The spray-mist device is located in front of the glue scraper and/or brushes and improves the panel cleaning and the polishing of the applied edge.

Spray-mist device for delicate edges

Portable unit with 12-inch touch screen

Removable knife system on all aggregates

Additional glue pot - PUR glue

It is adapted for easier cleaning, especially when using PUR glues. Changing the pot is possible in just 3 minutes. Cleaning is not necessary when replacing the EVA glue and it doesn't need to be discarded.

Cutting unit with EASYROUND function

The cutting unit with the EASYROUND function has been proved to be an extremely wanted when handling with thin strips. A slight rounding of thin strips also with partially edgebanded work pieces has in practice turned out to be a very great advantage that many people like to use.

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