Dovetail jig IGM FD600

Dovetail jig IGM FD600

The dovetail jig enables the making of angle joints, such as dovetail, and box joints for drawers, solid wood furniture, beehives, gift boxes and other. The jig enables the processing of a workpiece with a width of 610 mm and thickness ranging from 11 to 25 mm.

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The system enables the use of any router, whereby the guide bush must be suitable for each individual router – CMT, Iskra, Makita, Black/Decker and others.

The basic set includes a plate for making half blind joints and a guide bush. Optionally, you may also buy a jig for through dovetail joints and box joints.

The set includes:
⎻    strong metal body with two clamping bars for horizontal and vertical attachment of workpieces,
⎻    precisely laser cut template made of 4 mm zinc-coated sheet metal,
⎻    guide bush 15.8 mm,
⎻    template for making half blind joints FD6127,
⎻    router 12.7 × 12.7 mm, 14°, shank 8 mm.

Technical data:
⎻    working width: 610 mm;
⎻    working height: 11–25 mm.

Optional accessories (option to buy):
⎻    template for box joints FD 6130,
⎻    template for through dovetail joint FD 6190,
⎻    template for mini dovetail joint FD 635.

Product Details

Data sheet

Workpiece thickness
Edge making width (mm)

Standard half-blind joint

Three steps of making a half-blind joint

Additional plate FD 6190

For the making of a visible dovetail joint.

A visible dovetail joint

Additional plate FD 6350

For making a mini dovetail joint.

A mini dovetail joint

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