Extracting sanding tables ACWORD ABS

Extracting sanding tables ACWORD ABS

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Extracting sanding tables ACWORD ABS

AC Word sanding table ABS is designed for connection to an existing extraction because it has no built-in fan. It is designed for hand sanding or sanding with electric or pneumatic equipment. Shape and design of working surface brings regularity spread extraction of whole table. Simple design from steel galvanized plates request minimum of maintenance.



TYPE               WORK AREA:            WORKING H.               M3/h           CONNECTION (d)
ABS 10            1000 x 1000 mm            700 - 1000 mm                1200            120 mm
ABS 12            1200 x 1000 mm            700 - 1000 mm                1400            120 mm
ABS 20            2000 x 1000 mm            700 - 1000 mm                1600            160 mm
ABS 24            2400 x 1000 mm            700 - 1000 mm                1800            180 mm
ABS 30            3000 x 1000 mm            700 - 1000 mm                2500            200 mm



**ABS tables have to be connecter to the central extraction system or to local extractor

- Extractor FT200 for ABS 10 and ABS 20

- Extractor FT302 for ABS 20 and ABS 24

- Extractor FT400 for ABS 30


** Design of the table allows adjustment of height in range of 700 - 1000 mm. According to request, adjustment can be adjustment manualy or electric motor.


** Felt protected strips on working surface assure safe manipulation with products without damage or scratches on work surface.

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