Split wedge

Split wedge

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For saw blade diameter (mm)
Kerf thickness (K/B-mm)
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Model For saw blade diameter (mm) Kerf thickness (K/B-mm) Unit price Buy
0340567300D razporni klin 250-300 3
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0526139030G razporni klin 250-300 3,0
0526139085D razporni klin 250-315 2,8
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0526139005E razporni klin 300-350 3
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0526139071D razporni klin 300-350 2,80
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0526139084B razporni klin 400-450 3,2
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0342562800D razporni klin do 250 2,5
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Centauro razporni klin do 300 3,5
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0326100093L do 350 2,5
0372961900C razporni klin do 350 2,8
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0526139080C razporni klin do 400 3,2
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