Circular saw blades - industrial rip and crosscut

The industrial rip and crosscut saw blades are used for cutting solid wood crosswise to its grain on circular saws.

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The industrial rip and crosscut circular saw blades are used on machines where the workpiece is under the saw blade axis during manual feeding.

The saw blades are made of high-quality steel and excellent hard metal, the teeth are inclined backward (negative rake angle) and sharpened alternately left/right, which provides the best results.

The saw blades are used on circular saws, angular saws, mitre saws, sliding saws and other tools.

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Tooth type LD: left-right CMT

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Model Diameter (D) Bore diameter (B/d) No. of cutting edges (Z) Kerf thickness (K/B) Unit price Buy Avail.
CMT 294.048.10M 254 mm 30 mm 48 2,4 mm
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CMT 294.054.22M 305 mm 30 mm 54 2,8 mm
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CMT 294.060.10M 254 mm 30 mm 60 2,4 mm
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