Dia scoring saw blades

The diamond scoring saw blades are made of two (main) parts and metal spacers used for setting the desired thickness of the cut.

Diameter (D)
Bore diameter (B/d)
Kerf thickness (K/B)
No. of cutting edges (Z)
Tooth type
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The diamond adjustable scoring saw blades are intended for the users who have high capacity and different thicknesses of saw blades for cutting the surfaced wood boards, since they can use spacers to precisely set the scoring saw blade thickness, so that it is appropriate to the thickness of the main saw blade.

The diamond blades have longer service life between sharpening operations than the conventional scoring saw blades with HW teeth (up to 40 times).

If the wood boards are not completely flat, the adjustable scoring saw blades provide better results than the conical saw blades.

Saw blades are used in all the machines with the possibility to attach a scoring saw blade.

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Model Diameter (D) Bore diameter (B/d) No. of cutting edges (Z) Kerf thickness (K/B) Unit price Buy Avail.
CYT tools D100d20 100 mm 20 mm 24 2,8/3,6 mm
CYT tools D100d22 100 mm 22 mm 24 2,8/3,6 mm
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CYT tools D120d20 120 mm 20 mm 24 2,8/3,6 mm
CYT tools D120d22 120 mm 22 mm 24 2,8/3,6 mm
CYT tools Martin D120d22 120 mm 22 mm 24 2,80/3,6 mm
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