CMT 8E router

The CMT 8E is a powerful and agile hand-held router with a plunge stroke of 59 mm. The power of the router is 1000 W. With collets diameter 8 mm and 12 mm, it is suitable for routing with larger plunge routers. The router has an attached handle that allows for fine adjustment from the underside.

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CMT 8E hand-held router

Universal router for the professional user!

Powerful, accurate, versatile and easy to use. All these are advantages that distinguish the CMT 8E router.

The router is suitable for routing larger and smaller workpieces, its main advantage is that it can be very easily fixed on the table and used in a similar way as a fixed base router.

Due to its lower weight, it is suitable for users who use the router throughout the day.


Advantages of the CMT 8E router:

- power 1000 W, which will allow you to cope with any operation,

- superior ergonomics and ease of use,

- easy replacement of blades,

- milling depth setting using the lever,

- dust extraction outlet is built into the base plate of the router.


Basic use:

- routing,

- trimming,

- rabbeting,

- edge profiling and much more.


The set contains:

- CMT 8E router,

- dust extraction outlet,

- height adjustment of the machine in a router table,

- collets 8 mm in 12 mm,

- wrench for easy cutter change,

- instruction manual.

Product Details

Data sheet

Motor power (W)
Idle speed revolutions (rpm)
Shank diameter (mm)
8 and 12
Stroke height (mm)
0 - 59
Weight (kg)

CMT8E - crank

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