When making grooves, rabbets, rounds and similar parts, a hand-held router is a must. You can make a lot of operations easier with this machine. We have available different sizes of routers which are intended for milling with router bits of different sizes. We offer a huge variety of blades for CMT routing machines. The cutting tools of the CMT company are of the highest quality, which you will quickly find out when you use them. Furthermore, we have three different CMT routers available for different routing operations. As the smallest router or trimmer, CMT 10 is intended for rounding edges, making smaller grooves, and the largest router, CMT 7E is intended for the most demanding routing operations.

TRITON TRA001  2400W router TRITON TRA001  2400W router
Limited time offer
€479.75 €505.00
The TRITON TRA001 is a powerful and agile hand-held router with a plunge stroke on a toothed rack. Power 2400 W. Due to collets with a diameter of 12 mm and 12.7 mm, it is suitable for the most demanding work. The...
CMT 10 router CMT 10 router
Limited special offer
€117.45 €130.50
The CMT 10 router is the cheapest router with the possibility of attaching router bits with a shank diameter of 6 and 8 mm. The router is particularly suitable for sanding abs strips and manual sanding of inscriptions.
Router PERLES OF3-808RE Router PERLES OF3-808RE
Limited time offer
€274.17 €288.60
High-quality, easy and convenient for uporabo. All this is the hand-held router PERLES OF3 - 808RE. The router has the power of 1010 W, accepts the router bits with a 8 mm shank, has an adjustable rotation speed and a...
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What can a router help me with?

It is a convenient device of suitable dimensions, with the help of which we can easily make various grooves, process surfaces, edges … You need the right blades to make distinct profiles, grooves and slots. This way you will be able to do many different things with a single appliance.

What kind of router would you recommend?

It all depends on whether the router is intended for professional or amateur use, i.e. what kind of use it is intended for. We have at our disposal smaller devices that prove to be excellent in a home workshop and also professional ones for craft use.

What routers do you have available?

You can get CMT, Festool and Makita routers from us. Each of them stands out in some way, so we advise a thoughtful purchase. Of course, they also differ from each other in terms of power, shank dimensions and settings, so we really recommend that you contact us with any dilemmas. We are always available to help you.