Lock miter router bits CMT 955.503-504, 955.009.11

The CMT router bit for making simple corner joints. Their use is very easy.

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The CMT router bit of series 955 are intended for making simple corner joints.

The router bit is made of Tungsten carbide and high-quality steel. Its structure enables easy work without any risk of kickback.

Using this router bit, you can process workpieces with thickness ranging from 9.5 to 28.5 mm.

The corner joint will make it easier to produce various products, such as: frames, boxes, supports as well as numerous 90° joints.

You may also use the router bit for making grooves for edge gluing of solid wood.

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Model Diameter (D) Cutting length (I) Total length (L) Angle (A) Shank diameter (S) Unit price Buy Avail.
955.009.11 44,5 mm 18 mm 56 mm 45° 8 mm
– 5%
955.504.11 50,8 mm 22,2 mm 60,3 mm 45° 12 mm
– 5%
955.503.11 70 mm 31,7 mm 69,9 mm 45° 12 mm
– 5%
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