Drawer lock router bit CMT 955.002.11

Drawer lock router bit CMT 955.002.11

The router bit for easy making of corner joints using a router that is clamped on the router table. The use of router bit itself is very easy and you can check it out in the video below.

Diameter (D-mm)
Cutt. leng. (I-mm)
Shank dia. (S-mm)
Tot. leng. (L-mm)
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The CMT double-faced cutter HW bit for making corner joints has a special coating for better removal of the cut material and less adhesion to the blade.

It is used on hand-held routers that are clamped on a table. The router bit for making corner joints and grooves for wooden guides is suitable for processing various materials, such as soft or hard solid wood, wood composites, laminates and plastics.

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