Blade for P-System CNC CMT 240.601

A special groove cutter for making Lamello P-System grooves using the hand-held lamellar biscuit joiner Lamello Zeta P2 or CNC machine.

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Kerf thickness (K/B)
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The groove cutter manufactured by the CMT company is used for making P-System grooves using the hand-held lamellar biscuit joiner Zeta P2 or CNC machine.

The groove cutter has three blades that are inclined forward, which enables excellent processing.

The groove cutter is made of high-quality steel manufactured in Switzerland. The cutting part of the cutter is made of hard metal and diamond.

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Model Diameter (D) Bore diameter (B/d) No. of cutting edges (Z) Kerf thickness (K/B) To be used on the machine Unit price Buy Avail.
240.601.04 100,4 mm 22 mm 3 7 mm Zeta P2
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240.601.04M 100,4 mm 30 mm 3 7 mm CNC
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