BSP Grooving saws

BSP Grooving saws


The BSP grooving saw blades are intended for making grooves in solid wood and wood composite materials. The saw blade diameters are 115 and 120 mm, while the kerf thickness ranges from 3.2 to 4 mm.

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Diameter (D-mm)
Bore dia. (B/d-mm)
Kerf thickness (K/B-mm)
No. of cutt. edg. (Z)
Tooth type
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The grooving saw blades are intended for making grooves in soft and hard wood, wood boards and plastic.

The saw blades are made of high-quality steel and excellent hard metal, the teeth are inclined forward (positive rake angle) and sharpened flat or alternately.

The flat tooth angle allows a clean, flat groove.

The saw blades are intended for use on CNC machines.

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Model Diameter (D-mm) Bore dia. (B/d-mm) No. of cutt. edg. (Z) Kerf thickness (K/B-mm) Unit price Buy
BSP D115 d20 115 20 24 3,2
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BSP D120 d20 3 120 20 + 3 24 4
BSP D120 d35 120 35 30 4
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