Edge bander STEFANI Solution KD


With the 2 available PRE-MELTING UNITS

The PU BOX L for polyurethane glue and the QMS-P pre-melting units for EVA glue.


With 2 motors rounding unit (SCM patent) and with a machining speed up to 20 m/min.

Allows the simultaneous edge trimming operation and the rounding operations at 18 m/min speed.


With SGP glue pot thanks to the special spreading roller and the perfect dosing. The use of EVA and POLYURETHANE glue is made possible by a fast and simple glue changeover and the anti-adherent plasma treatment.


With the processing of 2 different radios and of 12 mm solid wood and with the set up of the operating groups.

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SGP glue pot with NC glue dosing

Thanks to the special spreading roller and the perfect dosing obtained ideal glue line with the SGP glue pot. The use of EVA and polyurethane glues is made possible by the anti-adherent plasma treatment and a fast and simple glue changeover.

Maestro Pro Edge on new consolle EYE-M

"Just in time" programs.
Connectivity with Industry 4.0.
Multi-touch 21.5-inch display.
3-dimensional virtual overview.
Maestro Pro Edge software, compatible with other Maestro modules. F
or complete control and management of all aggregates and functions, statistics and diagnostics.
Designed for industrial conditions (dust protection, grade protection IP53).

Manage the glue pot over the computer

The NC dosing of the glue and the automatic cleaning cycle are controlled just by pressing a button.

Cleaning the glue pot just by pressing a button!

The usage of the PU glue is very simple. Adjusting the amount of the glue can be automatically controlled over a computer. Cleaning is done automatically with a cleaning granulate.

SGP PU BOX L - PU glue usage - up to 72 hours without...

Glue only when needed, no waste.

Integrated pre-melting device to melt polyurethane glues in 2 kg cartridges. High versatility thanks to flexible changeover with EVA glue.

Adjustable pressure of pressure zone

The pneumatic pressure of 3 pressure rollers with timer activation can be easily and quickly adjusted to achieve optimum pressure according to the requirements of the material.

K/SEL end cutting unit

It carries out the cutting of the front and rear exceeding edge (also for post/soft formed panels).

2 high frequency motors.

0-15° automatic independent blades tilting (front/rear).

Motor sliding without mechanical plays on prismatic guideways and recirculating ball pads.

Emptying the EVA glue into the SGP glue pot

When using EVA glue we have several options. Use of one glue pot and cleaning the glue pot when changing the colour of the glue. Excessive EVA glue can be reused. Cleaning cycle is automatic.

Possible use of additional glue pots. This avoids the immediate discharge of the container.

Innovative Solution IGLUE

IGLUE prevents the possible outflow of excess glue on the corners.


AirFusion provides a surprising level of finishing quality. This technology, edgebanding without glue, ensures the joint between the edge and the panel is invisible.

The extremely versatile AirFusion technology is compatible and can be perfectly integrated with traditional gluing technologies.

Available on the whole range of the SCM edgebanders.

Combined tool - 2 radios

2 versions available:

R1 and R2 mm

R1 and R1,5 mm

R-HP multiedge trimming/chamfering unit

Processing with automatic set up of 2 different radii, infinite thin edges and solid wood up to 12 mm.

K-100 spindle grooving unit

2 working positions: 0 or 90°.

Unit sliding on prismatic guides.

On/off pneumatic exclusion of the unit.

Complete with tool (4 mm width, 80 mm diameter, 16 mm bore).

Numerical readout to facilitate the unit set up.

ROUND/SK - 18 m/min

Complete panel machining with the double corner rounding and trimming functions.

3 units of Riepe liquid application

Anti-adhesive unit in the machine entrance.

Spray-mist device for edge finishing is positioned before the glue scraper and/or brushes.

Multiedge RAS-HP - 2 radios

Processing of two different radios with pneumatic or NC positioning.


It allows to optimisation of the machine's energy consumption in order to eliminate any wastage. The device includes the following functions:

- machine in stand-by in case of temporary non-usage

- optimised exhaust system for the operating units

Glue scraper unit RCA/2C

Removes any excess glue in the edge/panel joints. Optimal 2-bearings track feeling.

Nesting track feelers

Possibility of upgrading the machine with Nesting track feelers for machining pre-drilled workpieces.

Efficient help to the machine operator

For easier work (especially with larger workpieces) we recommend an additional sliding table at the entrance of the machine.

PU glue in granules Jowat

Device for the return of the panel to the operator

Allows an increase in daily productivity with a sigle operator in a simple and reliable way - the automatic return of the panel to the loading area of the edge bander. The investment is quickly recovered with the 4-hour daily use of the machine.

Dimensions Edge Bander Stefani KD series FR2


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