Edge Bander Stefani Solution MD

Edge Bander Stefani Solution MD


The free entry to the gluing area and wide magazine for the wooden strips (200 mm approximately) allow a simple and functional use of the large dimensioned solid wood edges.

HIGHER VERSATILITY with the possibility to have 2 pre-melting units

The PU BOX L for poliurethane glue and the QMS-P pre-melting unit for EVA glue.


Working speed up to 25 m/min and automatic operating units with the possibility of a continuous production of a large number of panels even though they are all different from one to another.


With the use of fully automatic multi-edge operating units that allows error-free rapid set-up amongst the different machining.

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SGP glue system

- Especially unique design reduces the minimum required amount of glue before application in order to keep the glue as fresh as possible. - Spreading roller with improved granulation/profile for ultra-thin bonds. - Improved intangible of the roller with plasma surface processing for easier cleaning of PU glue. - AUTOMATIC cleaning cycle with collecting excess glue in a special container. - Automatic glue blockade. - Patent - NC setting the amount of glue dosing through the computer. - L-D rotation. - The possibility of a fast change of the glue pot. - Quick and easy access to the inside of the glue pot; the glue pot can be completely dismantled. - Faster heating of the glue due to the smaller glue pot. - Double working temperature EVA/PU. Technical characteristics: - Heating time to operating temperature is approximately 8 minutes. - The heating time with preheating of the glue is approximately 5 minutes. - Glue capacity: 0,5 kg. - Installed power 2,05 kW.

PU BOX L - It enables the melting of PU glue from the...

Advantages: - Quick and easy opening of the glue zone – for easier cartridge replacement and cleaning. - Pneumatic pressing device for melting the cartridge by pressing a button. - Heated board for glue melting. - The preheating unit simply moves on horizontal guides. - "CFS" air-cooling system for the melting zone and maintenance of the high glue quality.

Rounding unit ROUND 4M

The top rounding unit with 4 motors enables moving speed from 22 to 25 m/min.

Possibility of up to 3 different radii over LEUCO tool with NC setting.

Round 4M also provides optimum rounding of already veneered workpieces.

3 units of Riepe liquid application

Anti-adhesive unit in the machine entrance.

Spray-mist device for edge finishing is positioned before the glue scraper and/or brushes.

MULTIEDGE device for RI/S trimming unit

Industrial design of the aggregate - fastened on the bridge and on the construction of the machine.

Large precise reels for accurate workpiece guidance.

6-axes NC movement with two or three radios.

ED extraction system.

MULTIEDGE 3R/2R edge scraping unit

Industrial scraping unit with 6-axes NC motors and two or three different radios.

An industrial aggregate with double fastening on the bridge and on the construction of the machine ensures a high degree of repeatability of the machining.

Edges with 3 different radii

Full automatic multi-edge operating units allow a fast and error-free set-up for different machining.

YU/SP750 end cutting unit

It carries out the cutting of the front and rear exceeding edge (also for post/soft formed panels).

The unit is fixed to the top presser.

2 high frequency motors.

RSP in-line trimming unit

It carries out the trimming of the top and bottom exceeding edge.

2 high frequency motors 1kW - 12.000 rpm.

Large diameter vertical rotating copying discs for an accurate positioning of tools with reference to the working point.

Maestro Pro Edge on new consolle EYE-M

"Just in time" programs.
Connectivity with Industry 4.0.
Multi-touch 21.5-inch display.
3-dimensional virtual overview.
Maestro Pro Edge software, compatible with other Maestro modules. F
or complete control and management of all aggregates and functions, statistics and diagnostics
Designed for industrial conditions (dust protection, grade protection IP53)