Cutter head with internal radius – semicircle (slot)

The cutter head has brazed HW blades, which are sharpened at an internal angle and intended for processing solid wood and wood composite materials. The cutter has a borehole diameter of 30 or 35 mm.

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The cutter head is intended for operations where we want to make a rounded shape of the workpiece. There are different radiuses available, ranging from R 5 mm to R 20 mm. The cutter head is suitable for use on conventional router machines, CNC machines and multi-spindle moulders, while the clamping boreholes are available in the dimensions ranging from 30 to 35 mm.

When ordering, we ask you to add the diameter of the borehole, in this case, 30 or 35 mm.

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Model Diameter (D-mm) Radius (R-mm) Bore dia. (B/d-mm) No. of cutt. edg. (Z) Unit price Buy
REZKAR R6 POLKROG ZLEB 120 6 30/35 2
– 5%
REZKAR R10 POLKROG ZLEB 130 10 30/35 2
– 5%
REZKAR R8 POLKROG ZLEB 130 8 30/35 2
– 5%
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