In carpentry workshops, we use several types of chisels. Our offer includes classic carpentry chisels, carving chisels and woodturning chisels. The classic carpentry chisel has a straight blade and is a must-have tool for any carpenter or handyman. Carving chisels are used in the production of unique handmade products, such as various statues, inscriptions and details. Woodturning chisels are used for turning wooden products with a classic carpentry lathe. All chisels can be sharpened by hand or by machine – they are sharpened by hand with grinding stones or diamond grinding discs, and when sharpening chisels by machine, we use grinding machines that have tools for easy, high-quality grinding of all types of blades.

  • Carpentry chisels

    Carpentry chisels

    <p>Carpentry chisels of various manufacturers and qualities. We have available chisels from the following manufacturers: <strong>Stanley, Silverline, Stubai, Leman...</strong></p>
  • Carving knives

    Carving knives

    <p><strong>Carving knives and chisels by Beaver Craft.</strong> The knives are made of quality steel and solid wood. They are suitable for processing soft and hard wood.</p>
Whittling Knife C4M
Limited special offer
€14.01 €14.90
Superior whittling knife for detailed cutting. The chisel is made of quality steel and has a handle made of ashwood. The knife is already sharpened and ready to use. The length of the entire knife is 185 mm and the...
Polishing compounds
Limited special offer
€1.88 €2.00
The polishing compounds are aimed at finishing cutting parts on hand-held tools. Polishing paste is used with a leather strop with which you grind/polish the tip of the cutting edge. You can see the use of polishing...
Spoon Carving Knife SK1
Limited special offer
€16.50 €17.55
A hook knife for cutting spoons is made specifically to cut out spoons, bowls, or a rounded edge to add some detail to your whittling project. The chisel is made of quality steel and has a handle made of ashwood. The...
Carving knife DK2S
Limited special offer
€28.11 €29.90
Top-quality drawknife (shaving knife, draw shave, drawing knife) for making handles and other round workpieces. The chisel is made of high-quality steel and has an ash handle. The knife is already sharpened and ready...
What set of chisels should I have ready for a home workshop?

Chisels are available in several versions, all of which are suitable for professional processing. The most basic are classic carpenter’s chisels which have flat blades of different widths. If you make statuettes, spoons, scoops, marquetry and similar products, however, carving chisels and knives are ideal.

I'm want to buy a good chisel. What should I pay attention to?

First, ask yourself what exactly you will need the chisel for. If you are going to make joinery ties and general joinery with a chisel, choose classic carpenter's chisels. On the other hand, carving chisels are a great choice for the artistic production of unique products.

How are chisels maintained?

You can extend the life of your chisels by handling them carefully. Use them for the right purposes, which means you should use them to process wood or other softer materials. For quality and fast processing of materials, however, make sure that the blades are always sharp.