Delovne mize

Delovne mize

In our offer, we have workbenches of various types that allow us to clamp vertical routers. The workbench makes it very easy to mount the router with screws. Every carpenter needs a carpenter’s worktable in his workshop. The table top and base are made of beech wood, and the compression screw is made of white hornbeam. A trolley with a hydraulic lift plate is also very convenient, it can be used to help transport heavier workpieces around the workshop and also for assembling bodies. For easy, quick painting, a painting stand is very useful, on which the support arms can be easily adjusted to the optimal position. Work tables are used for easier processing of workpieces, they are most useful in the production of massive furniture.

What kind of workbench would be best for me?

If you only need a workbench to gain a little more work surface and it is adjustable in height, we recommend a hydraulic lift table, and if you need it to attach a router, of course choose one that allows it. So, you need to ask yourself again what you are going to use the workbench for, and adjust the selection accordingly.

What workbenches are available?

We offer different workbenches, which are of course adapted to various wishes and needs. We have workbenches with the possibility of clamping the spindle moulder, those that allow various operations, and of course prefabricated workbenches that are easier to carry and very convenient in the field.

Is a workbench necessary in a workshop at all?

You don’t have to have it. If you need some work surface to form, store and assemble wooden rims, another table will come in handy, but it is true that some workbenches also allow you to clamp pieces of wood and thus prove to be a very convenient element in any workshop, even those that you don’t use every day. It is convenient not only for woodworking, but also for other materials.