Thickness planers

Thickness planers

Thickness planers

A combined surface-thicknessing planer is indispensable in a carpentry workshop. We offer thickness planers of the SCM Group brand of various working widths and designs.

All thickness planers have the option of three different types of planer heads: regular, Tersa and spiral (Xylent).

Minimax thickness planers are available for widths from 410 to 520 mm, SCM from 520 to 630 mm and the most powerful version L'invincibile with a 630 mm width.

The thickness planer is a basic planer for a carpenter. It is usually used in combination with a surface planer, which allows us to align the lower surface of the workpiece before processing it with thickness planer.
This enables planing to the desired thickness or height of material or wood. The machine can be equipped with a regular planer head or the increasingly desirable Xylent spiral planer head which significantly reduces the noise and volume of waste material and improves the final quality of the workpieces as well as optimizing the processing of knots.

What are thicknessing planers used for?

When pieces of wood need to be planed to a predetermined thickness, a thickness planer or surface-thicknessing planer proves to be an excellent option. Namely, it enables the wood to be processed evenly, which is done by simply inserting it into the machine (under the planer head). Thicknessing planer is most often used in combination with a surface planer which is intended to level at least one surface of wood, as this makes it easier and simpler to process with the thickness planer.

What widths of thicknessing planers are available?

We offer thicknessing planers in several widths, and it should be emphasized that the larger width is intended for processing wider pieces of wood, but at the same time it can happen that such a device is larger and of course takes up more space. We offer machines with different working widths up to 630 millimeters and different sized work surfaces.

What types of thicknessing planers are intended for professional use?

Especially those with high power and those that allow the greatest possible thickness and width of the workpieces. It is advisable that the thicknessing planer also has various options for adjustment and setting of processing and easy replacement of drive rollers. Contact us, we will gladly help you choose.