Solid surface saw blades

Solid surface saw blades

The saw blades are used for cutting materials, such as Kerrock and plastic with large thickness. The diameter of the saw blade is 300 mm, and the tooth thickness is 3.2 mm.

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The solid surface saw blades are used for cutting materials, such as Kerrock, Varicor and Dupont Corian. The saw blade is made of high-quality steel and excellent hard metal that is sharpened alternately flat and it has a trapezoidal tooth form, which provides excellent cutting results.

The saw blades are used on panel rip saws, rip saws and other.

Warning: The saw blade is not intended to be used on angular and circular saws.

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Tooth type TR: trapezoidal-straight CMT

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Model Diameter (D-mm) Bore dia. (B/d-mm) No. of cutt. edg. (Z) Kerf thickness (K/B-mm) Unit price Buy
CMT 223.084.12M 300 30 84 3,2
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