Sanding drums

Sanding drums

The sanding drum for sanding the curved parts on the table router machine.

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Diameter (D-mm)
Bore dia. (B/d-mm)
Height (V-mm)
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The sanding drums are made of metal and coated with rubber, and they are easy to use.

We clamp the cylinder with sandpaper on an arbor and we can already sand the workpieces.

The advantage of the sanding drum is that we can use the conventional sandpaper (paper that is not glued into the cylinder), and we can fix it into the groove.

When ordering, we ask you to add the diameter of the borehole, in this case, 30 or 35 mm.

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Model Diameter (D-mm) Height (V-mm) Bore dia. (B/d-mm) Unit price Buy
D60x125 60 125 30/35
– 5%
D60x90 60 90 30/35
– 5%
D90x125 90 125 30/35
– 5%
D90x90 90 90 30/35
– 5%
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