Threaded handles

Plastic handles with screws are used on various machines and jigs for fixing guides and the like. A wide variety of handle sizes are available, with various screw sizes from m5 x 16mm to m12 x 83 mm.

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Quality handles made of strong plastic and a metal screw are suitable for use on various machines.

Different sizes of handles are available with different sized screws.

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Model Thread (M) Length (L) Unit price Buy Avail.
0000619354L ROCKA 6 mm 20 mm
0000619068C ROCKA 6 mm 30 mm
0000619569F ROCKA 6 mm 16 mm
0000619495H ROCKA 8 mm 25 mm
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0000619558C ROCKA 8 mm 70 mm
0000619647B ROCKA 8 mm 50 mm
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0000619810G ROCKA 8 mm 30 mm
0000619036E ROCKA 10 mm 70 mm
0000619074E ROCKA 10 mm 25 mm
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0000619080G ROCKA 10 mm 30 mm
0000619084F ROCKA 10 mm 45 mm
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0000619093E ROCKA 12 mm 70 mm
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0000619096B ROCKA 12 mm 83 mm
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0000619016C ROCKA M5 16 mm
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