Interchangeable HW blades 790 CMT for edge banders

The interchangeable HW blades CMT 790.163.00 are used on edge banders for rounding the edges.

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Radius (R-mm)
Tot. leng. (L-mm)
Kerf thickness (K/B-mm)
Width (H-mm)
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The interchangeable blades are made of high-quality hard metal.

Due to its hardness, they enable long-term use and excellent processing. When the blades become blunt, we simply turn them and continue the work with the sharp blade.

The blades are used on edge banders for rounding edge banding.

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Model Radius (R-mm) Tot. leng. (L-mm) Width (H-mm) Kerf thickness (K/B-mm) Unit price Buy
790.163.00 3 16 22 5
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