Clamp carriers for cold edge gluing and lamination for wooden panels SL

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SL clamp carriers

The machine are intended for edge gluing and lamination of wooden stock whose joints are dried naturally.

They needs very little space and their modular design allows gradual expendability to meet the desired capacity.

Very simple to maintain and to operate. Wooden elements, on the edges of which the glue has already been applied, are stacked into clamps, organized in sections which are driven by an endless chain and may, therefore, be adjusted so as to form various sizes of cured stock.

Clamps may accommodate wooden elements from 25 to 90 thick. Additional elements are to be applied in order to obtain narrower or thicker stock, such as:12-25 mm - pannel flattener, 90-160 mm - adapters. Clamps may be tightened manually or by way of a manually or automatically driven pneumatic or hydraulic motor.

This type of clamp carriers allows manual tightening of clamps or with hand air tightening motor.

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